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Is Iran less corrupted than America?   10 y  
Iran kills bankers who commit serious financial crimes, America bails them out
July 30, 2012 Bankers Sentenced to Death It sounds a lot like Russia after the USSR broke up and the cold war ended - the government owned factories and businesses were given away for a pittance to friends of the government, and the government members thereby benefited under the table. It also sounds a lot like the U.S.A. right now, with bankers making out like bandits while committing fraud - tinkering with interest rates, playing Ponzi Schemes, but most damning of all are those financial industry [bankers] playing risky games with derivatives losing huge money over transaction ...   read more

Taxes - a Redistrubution of Wealth   10 y  
Redistrubution of wealth helps the consumer economy
Lower taxes, lower taxes” - the RW wealthy people hate taxes and spout that same tired refrain over and over again and they claim that taxes are killing business. Not true. They ignore the real-world fact that in a restaurant, for example, hiring more staff is 99% dependant on how many customers come through the door. Paying 10% less taxes than they do now would not inspire the management to hire even one busboy, but 50 more customers a day would see him hiring a bus load of workers. And, how does he get 25 more customers coming in? - average people need to have more money and the ...   read more

The Adult Bully   10 y  
Adult narcissistic bully refuses to accept blame for their problems.
New neighbors, summertime, loud music blaring away for hours on end - sound familiar? I thought they were just jackasses, but now that I see it, it is clearly a case of bullying. Its not that playing loud music outside is a bully trait, but the response of some offenders is a complete refusal to accept their ”mistake”. But I have to be compassionate, and ”to understand what makes people the way they are is one of the most compassionate things we can do” [as the Dalia Lama said]. Instead of just calling them a jackass and making a complaint to the police or bylaw enforcement p ...   read more

A Small Group of Elites Controlling the Masses   10 y  
Mind Control Revisited
Mind Control Revisited: A Small Group of Elites Controlling the Masses What good is consciousness if we do not have free will? Or, vis-vesra. To be conscious is to know who and what we are, and to know what we need and want and to know why, to have individual preferances.... BUT MOSTLY free will and consciousness add up to having a basic human right to make choices. If you have an addiction, you have given up some of your free will - the drug now controls some of your actions and motivations. If you were kidnapped and put into the human trafficing [mostly for sex] arena, you ha ...   read more

Neutron Star in the Kuiper Belt? NOT!!   10 y  
Neutron stars boggle the mind
There are rumours of a hidden neutron star out beyond Pluto. These stars are only about 10 miles across, typically. Just 10 miles!! They form when a gigantic star, one that would fit 10,000 of our Suns into it, collapses. Keep in mind that the Earth is a tiny speck compared to the Sun. Remember the Big Bang? Oh ya, you weren’t there... I was, and EVERYTHING in the universe collapsed into the size of a pinhead. So something the size of 10,000 of our Suns collapsing into a neutron star just 10 miles across isn’t so startling.... NOT. Picture comparing the Sun to supergiant star ...   read more

Morphine is Usefull, and a Human Right   10 y  
Morphine is a very usefull and safe drug
Morphine Morphine is a very usefull and a very safe drug. The one drawback is addiction, but the benefits of morphine are almost endless. So, you get addicted... you will need to take three or four doses a day, each dose costs about 5 cents to produce. At the pharmacy, I get 200 pills for about $200, so $1 per dose with the profits of all the middlemen. Those middlemen could be eliminated I suppose, but lets let them have their ”socially arranged welfare” [either the production facility could have an order and shipping office and send the morphine to people directly for, say, 10 ...   read more

Dreaming of Sleeping   10 y  
Sleep Disturbance
Here is yet another bizarre story of the broken cogs and wheels inside my head. The one thing I do know is that I lie down to go to sleep. What happens after that, I am not so sure. It seems that I begin to dream immediately. Last night I had a dream where I am trying to get to sleep, but in a big bed at some place like a lakeside resort. I am with my nephew and my brother, we all staying in one house or cabin and it is late at night and I cannot get to sleep because my nephew, who is sleeping in the same big double bed, keeps making noises and moving around.   The nuisanc ...   read more

Happy Birthday, America!!   10 y  
America the Beautiful Parasite
”America, the Beautiful” - Parody [see original vs. below] Oh Doubtfull now, for darkened skies, That oil and coal has stained Removing purple mountain tops, For which so few have gained America! America! No more God’s grace for thee For selfish gain does yet stain, The banner of the free! Haunted now by patriot dream That sees behind the tears Thine alabaster cities scream with homeless veteran fears Now known for thy False-Flag lore, fake threat of terror strike When once or twice, Bush fraud to win, Millions lost their lives ---------original: O beaut ...   read more

Gateway to Cancer - Pipe Dreams from Hell   10 y  
Enbridge hid the fact that cancer causing fumes were enveloping Kalamazoo after their pipeline broke there.
[coming soon]   read more

Police and Military - Our Freind or Our Enemy?   10 y  
Military is not supposed to be active "in our country", but now there are new laws to allow that to happen in the USA and Canada.
                                                                   Police and Army - Friend or Enemy ?   What "future fantasy scenario" would it take to convince the public of Canada and the U.S.A. that the Government, the Police, and the Milit ...   read more

Responsibility for Government Actions is up to us   10 y  
we are responsible for our government's actions
Responsibility for Government Actions If you buy a dog and it bites people, isn’t that YOUR responsibility? - the law says it is, and you can be charged and fined if you fail to live up to your responsibility. If you drive a car, shoot a gun, or even play your stereo in ways that disturb or harm people, you are held responsible - it IS your responsibility. Why is government any different? It is our government, and if they are breaking laws and acting irresponsibly, it is up to us to stop them, to take their license away, to stop giving them bullets, to turn the volume down, to s ...   read more

Canada's Harper is Bizarre   10 y  
PM Harper belongs to the Alliance Church
Prime Minister Harper [Canada] believes that it is impossible to harm the natural environment. Really!! How can he be so confident? The reason is that he belongs to the Alliance Church of Alberta, and they have stated that ”God won’t let humans ruin the environment”. In his obviously egocentric ways, he is forcing us all to accept his view that no human can harm the environment by changing regulations to allow more pollution and more environmental destruction. It is very dangerous to have a leader who thinks such utterly insane, self-serving, egocentric tripe as this. It border ...   read more

Pipeline Spills - Future Quotes   10 y  
Quotes from officials in Alberta on the occasion of another oil pipeline break in Alberta
Pipeline Spills - Quotes Well, now we know, in advance, thanks to yesterday’s pipeline break in Alberta, what will be said WHEN the Northern Gateway pipeline, with it’s especially toxic brew of solvents and tar sand’s bitumen, spills into the Salmon bearing streams and coastal waters of B.C. We recieved these quotes from that future spill from the officials in Alberta on the occasion of the 2nd spill into Glennifer Lake, and the 2nd spill this year by the same company. Here is what we will hear: ”Sometimes strange things can happen that are beyond their control so that will b ...   read more

The Way of the Good   10 y  
Average people need decent, moral, representatives in business and government
The Way of the Good Whenever and wherever there is powerfull forces that might be harnessed, there will be ego-driven people who will try to get it and keep it away from others. The idea of capitalism is exactly that - allow a few to have massive amounts of ”capital” [i.e. money] and they will be able to do things with it that could not be done otherwise, such as to build a big factory or lay railway lines across the nation. It is LIE!! - the idea holds water, but to believe that ”the capitalist way is the only way” is to allow the enslavement of the population by a few. Th ...   read more

Financial Crisis Solution - declare assets dead   10 y  
The economic collapse doesn't need to continue, there is a solution, from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who was at one time the Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury.
Financial Crisis Solution - declare assets dead   We watch the financial crisis unfolding, and we wonder what would happen ”if the economy collapsed”, or what that even means. We are not financial experts, and the whole thing is just too complex for us to understand.   Such a situation would make it easy for ”them” to pull the wool over our eyes, and so some of us are wondering if there are solutions that we are not being told about, that are not being considered, because those solutions risk the Elite Wealthy people’s money.   Would they really risk the ”entire economy”, ...   read more

New Legal Paradigm in Canada - del Mastro outlines it.   10 y  
Dean del Mastro defends his party's wrongdoing on the basis that "nobody got hurt"
   Let me tell you about the new legal framework in Canada - it is now okay to be a terrorist, as in someone who gets funding from known terrorists groups, uses that funding to go out and identify targets such as government buildings or christian churches and to build bombs.   It is okay to do all that, and to be a terrorist, up until the time you blow something up. Before today, the security forces had been tracking potential terrorists., to identify and track them, and arrest them before anything could be done.   The FBI has even gotten involved by helping ...   read more

More Corporate Malfeasance - Enbridge this time.   10 y  
Enbridge tells lies to make it appear as if there is local support for the Tar Sands pipeline through B.C.
Northern Gateway Tar Sands Pipeline - More LIES The news today is about yet another lie, a devious bit of business by the oil company Enbridge where they employ a tactic used by TransCanada Pipelines on the Keystone route - they falsely claim local support when in fact the majority of locals are opposed. {The Keystone pipeline proposal is the one Pres. Obama personally delayed approval for, until after the coming US federal election.} The proposed Northern Gateway $5.5-billion pipeline would run from Alberta to the coast of B.C., Canada, moving about 525,000 barrels of diluted TAR SA ...   read more

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