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Energy Efficiency - Tar Sands example   11 y  
energy wasted by the energy industry = more profits. Example cited.
It is an abomination that the energy industry does not have an efficiency mandate. Just look at Alberta’s Tar Sands - they use steam to separate the tar from the sand, and that steam is made with natural gas. Here is a crazy story, this is insanity: *A major portion of that natural gas used in the Tar Sands comes from fracking shale gas formations in nearby British Columbia, where they use the equivalent hydroelectric power of one major hydroelectric dam in that fracking process to run pumps that blast the chemicals into the ground; * Then, after using huge amounts of electricity ...   read more

Is CANCER the new "anti-socialism" tactic in South America?   11 y  
South American socialism has long been fought off by Americans.
Is CANCER the new ”anti-socialism” tactic in South America? * Update - see bottom for concise up to date list!! --------Socialst Leaders inflicted with Cancer Quote: ”A former union leader, Lula presided over a period of strong economic growth in Brazil during which millions of people were lifted out of poverty” Brazil’s former President Lula, from 2002 to 2010, was the leader Brazil, and almost every other South American nation, wanted for the past 50 years. Venezuela also got their choice, finally, in Chavez, who is not quite as popular as Lula was, but both have made maj ...   read more

Electric Cars and Free Market Forces   11 y  
Market forces won't be allowed for EVs.
Why do ”free market forces” apply to everything except electric cars? No other product on the market, not even iPad gizmos, have a waiting list of customers for every unit produced, as well as every one of them that the manufacturer PLANS on making. No other product has been so limited by manufacturing capacity - no automaker has committed their production capacity to EVs [electric vehicles], although there are a few dedicated plants for EVs but they are not producing at 100% capacity either. The stalling is reminiscent of internal combustion engines. {clever eh?} In Canada, wh ...   read more

Conspiracy Theories go Mainstream   11 y  
Conspiracy Theories go Mainstream
Conspiracy Theories go Mainstream It wasn’t long ago when I was discovering the usefullness of the internet to inform me of conspiracies. It seemed that some ideas would never get onto the mainstream media. The main ”conspiracy theory” was that ”government is overly influenced by corporations”. Believe it or not, even that obvious truth was roundly thrashed as ”whacko conspiracy theory” by mainstream people. Now it is on the mainstream news as ”just one of the things Occupy Wall Street protestors are shouting about”, as if it is plainly evident [which it is and has been for a l ...   read more

Occupy Wall Street being smeared   11 y  
Occupy Wall Street's credibility is not damaged by the fact that a crime occurred at a protest site.
If you don’t like the message, attack the messenger? Gee, we have been over this 1000 times... A crime may have occurred at a Occupy protest site, but that has nothing to do with the protest’s message. Specifically, there is the story about an alleged rape at one of the 1000s of Occupy protest sites. Such a crime is not in any way part of the protest philosophy, but the corporate humps are using it to try to discredit the entire protests. It is exactly that attitude that gives the movement steam. It angers us to the core, it is all BS and we have had enough. My condolences to t ...   read more

Atheist lifetime members [humour]   11 y  
relates to an old series of Monty Python sketches where the punch line was "at that price, I wouldn't expect many more"
That link below is to the American Atheist membership page, where we find that a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP costs a whopping $12,000. At that price, I would hope that they give some guarantee of it being an eternal life membership!!   visit the page

The Protest against Insane Wealth   11 y  
Comment on the basis of the "Occupy Wall Street, We are the 99%" protests.
”Occupy Wall Street, We are the 99%” is a protest movement that inspires people to take a good long look at the state of our civilisation, at how our economy is structured and governed, and the problems that the wealthy are creating for everyone. These protesters didn’t start out with specific goals or demands, they just knew that something is terribly wrong with our world, and that is has everything to do with money, big money, ultra-wealthy people and corporations and banks and the government they have so much influence over. Its not that ”money is the root of all evil”, money is ...   read more

October 2011 - Ominous Signs   11 y  
Predictions for October 2011 - "nasty"
Do you feel it? Have you been following the news reports? This is just my own ”prediction”, based on news reports and my own daydreams. Don’t take it too seriously. I have the feeling that a series of events are going to happen in October that will not soon be forgotten - we will be dealing with it for a long time. It will be a major chapter in history. The economy is an obvious place to start - the politicians and bankers and so on have been holding things together with tape and glue for the past couple of years, since the 2008 ”near collapse” of the financial industry. Many curr ...   read more

Atheists Becoming Majority   11 y  
Atheism is growing into a majority
Its true, like it or not - atheism is now more popular than Jesus Christ [or than John Lennon*]. Two-Thirds of British people, 50% in Canada, European nations, and about 30% of Americans are now willing to declare that they do not believe there is a God. In fact, the rate is actually much higher that what people ”admit to”. There is still a huge stigma, a negative connotation, with the word ”atheism”. If the question ”are you atheist?” is asked on census forms etc., MOST people will shy away from their real opinions and just say ”no” because they are afraid they might be identifie ...   read more

TV Ads now UNREGULATED for time   11 y  
Surfing the web brings us closer to the truth than does TV, esp. now that ads are unregulated.
Aug. 16 2011 TV Sucks - ’Net Wins now Have you been finding that watching TV does not hold your attention anymore? After only 10 or 20 minutes of TV, I find myself turning it off and going to the computer to surf online for news, emails, and to check in on my forums to see what people are saying about whatever. It could be that my aging brain just doesn’t stay on one subject for long, but I think it is more likely that it has something to do with commercials and the fact that the programming is so trivial and boring. Especially the NEWS on TV!! They seem to be ignoring everythi ...   read more

Economics 101 - Money Must Flow   11 y  
Wealthy people and corporations are sitting on the money, and that is why money is not circulating, hence "recession".
----- Part 1: As with energy, wealth is difficult to store, especially for long periods of time. You hold currency, it can be devalued; You hold gold and the price can come down; Your buildings and equipment need constant maintenance which has to be paid for with revenue the buildings and equipment provide. Hoarding anything upsets the balance and flow that is a hallmark of life on earth. Everything cycles, everything circulates, or it rots [one way or another]. An economic recession is basically just ”stagnation”. Corporations and wealthy individuals are sitting on all the money. ...   read more

Fukushima nuclear contamination continues   11 y  
Fukushima radiation is increasing and it is getting to North America. Government monitoring has been stopped, for whatever reasons.
Just a short post here about Fukushima where nuclear radiation continues to stream out of the wrecked power plant there. The mainstream news, and our governments, have dropped all reporting on radioactive emissions from Fukushima. That alone should raise some alarm bells... Why would they do that when the situation is ongoing and uncertain? The second issue is that Canadian and American government nuclear radiation MONITORING has been stopped. This includes the ongoing monitoring that was done BEFORE the Fukushima disaster started - stations set up to record radiation in general are ...   read more

Compassionate Understanding - Neurological Aspects   11 y  
PTSD has neurological effects of poor impulse control and a need to create chaos in their lives.
I want to share a personal story with you, dear readers: I met a woman who is close to my age, simply adorable, cool, thin, rides a bicycle... OK, I thought, lets give love a chance one more time. She had some problems though. She has been through a lot of traumatic experiences, and it seems obvious that she is suffering some sort of PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder]. When I met her, she was just coming out of a ”close to hitting bottom” scenario. She was living in a place with people that made recovery difficult; there was a ”daily crisis” revolving around that house. I wa ...   read more

Osama, al Qaeda, WMD - whats real?   11 y  
al Qaeda's existence is questionable if there are not any revenge attacks for Osama's death at the hands of the USA.
--Here is a theory: Suicide bombers are serious people. Dead serious. Deadly serious. They give their lives to their mission. Surely the suicide bombers that al Qaeda has trained and equiped would be ready and willing and able to take revenge on the west for Osama bin Laden’s death. Of course, the western media reports that American officials are worried about ”revenge attacks from bin Laden’s followers” - from al Qaeda, I presume? But there won’t be any revenge attacks... because there is no al Qaeda, and bin Laden wasn’t who the US propaganda machine made him out to be. ...   read more

Deep Space Messages 2011   11 y  
Aliens should know what humans are like, the message from the 1960s needs to be replaced.
Deep Space Messages - In the 1960s we sent messages on radio waves into deep space saying that planet Earth had life on it, and that one species, humans, wrote some cool music and we were a peacefull race. ”It is a beautifull place”. That was then. We were so hopefull that it was true. We figured that by the year 2000 we would have gotten to that point. This is now. The message we send in 2010 should give notice!! In fact, maybe the reason no aliens have shown themselves here on Earth is that they can clearly see that humans are warmakers, and that if they came here they would nee ...   read more

The Human Race is Dividing into Two Camps   11 y  
Elites control the economy, including food prices. Regular people will not tolerate that when they get hungry.
                                                        "The Human Race is Divided into Two Camps"   The Arab Uprising has been partly, perhaps mostly, inspired by rising food prices and the fact that ordinary citizens are getting hungry while the Elites are gorging themselves on not only food but whatever else money can buy.    The outrageous hording of wealth, just because they can, by the Elites around the ...   read more

Arab Uprising - Now What?   11 y  
Revolutions in Tunisia, then Egypt, began with discontent over rising food prices.
Arab Uprising - Now What? We cannot forget that it was, partly or mostly, rising food prices that sparked the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. If the economy of Egypt had been stronger on it’s own, where the majority has enough to eat and with just a glimmer of opportunity to have more, this would not have happened. Where people have enough food in their bellies, they don’t upset the apple cart. While some people are optimistically looking forward to ”free and fair” elections in Egypt and a shining new democracy emerging there, and in other dictatorships around the world, the ...   read more

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