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Phelps Bong Hit - not his biggest crime.   13 y  
Phelps Bong Hit - not as bad as drunk driving.
Phelps is being raked over by the press for taking a bong hit... someone said ”I bet it was a WATER bong”, lol. Taking a toke should not be big news anymore. Pot should not be illegal anymore. Phelps had done something much worse, at least to my point of view - in 2004 he was charged with drunk driving. He got 18 months probation. I think that drunk driving is so much worse than smoking pot. You see, my life was ruined by a drunk driver. I have been dealing with the pains from those injuries for 35 years now, and I lost a lot of opportunities because of that accident. I was ...   read more

Australia Faces Collapse as Climate Change Kicks In   13 y  
Australia Faces Collapse as Climate Change Kicks In
K - below is an article about the heat wave in Australia. I copy it here in full... This is evidence of the horrible effects of global warming, and it will only get worse. We have had a hard winter in North America, with snow and cold that is near record breaking. The eastern USA is having a terrible ”ice-storm” now. These are also signs of climate change, it is not all about heat. That being said, I have the feeling that this summer - 2009 - will be a scorching hot one for America and Canada. It is too late to avoid climate change by reducing emissions, but we can reduce the severi ...   read more

Kenya's Corn Scandal - another example of greed.   13 y  
Corruption and Greed are causing too much suffering.
About 8 million people are faced with starvation in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya, due to the drought that is killing the corn crops. There was large amounts of corn held in reserve by the government, just for these types of emergencies, but someone in government there sold most of it to traders and millers for a personal profit, condemming those millions of people to starvation. Corruption of this kind is not unique to Africa of course, but in Africa a lot more people tend to die when things go bad. The financial crisis that started in the U.S.A. and spread around the world was tri ...   read more

Excess Stress - how to deal with it.   13 y  
Relaxing exersizes are valuable in these stressfull times.
There is no doubt that we are going through some rough times now, and if we project the potential outcomes of those problems into the future we multiply the anxiety we feel at this time - we are adding to the stress we are allready in. Also, if we have issues in our past that cause us anxiety, we will be feeling more stress in THIS moment than there really is in this moment. So the past and the future actually hold much more stressfull thoughts than the present does. This is a truly human quality to be able to do that; we are the only creature that can do that [so far as we can tell, ...   read more

Yahoo Group for "Sensory Processing Pain Disorder"   13 y  
Sensory Processing Pain Disorder is a theory that explains some people chronic pain conditions... and now there is a group where you can tell us all about you and learn more about SPPD.
Attention!! - this is a blatant promotion for a group I am starting at Yahoo Groups. But I am not selling anything, at least. ----------------------------------------------------- Use that link above to go to my new ”Yahoo Groups” page - it is about the chronic pain condition I have written about in this blog that I call ”Sensory Processing Pain Disorder” As you may know, ”Sensory Processing Pain Disorder” is is the title of my pet theory about how some chronic pain people have a type of brain that is ”easily overloaded” and ...   read more

Blagojevich's Delusions   13 y  
Blagojevich is utterly delusional, a real trial would have been fun to see but embarrasing for many.
There doesn’t seem to be anything about Blagojevich that isn’t completely nuts. Maybe his tactics in defending himself had some way of creating a shadow of doubt, but otherwise he appears to be out of touch with reality in some very real ways. It is too bad we didn’t get to see a real trial, with accusations and evidence and witnesses and rebuttals that would show his guilt. I would have liked a black-and white case against him so we could know just how dep his delusional streak goes. I suppose the Illinois politicians didn’t want a parade of witnesses because many of those witnesses ...   read more

Solar Powered Street Lights - plans   13 y  
Solar powered street lights - article has plans, pictures. That link to an article, and pictures, that show how a solar powered street light might look. [You might have read my previous post about them]. It makes a lot of sense, and is a perfect way to start getting our foot in the door for renewable energy. Any city, or municipality, can just go ahead and do it, there will be no resistance from federal governments or oil lobbys since the city is responsible for street lighting. We have all seen the pictures of planet earth at night from the space station, and it is obvious how lit up we are at night. Solar pow ...   read more

Economic Stimulus - GO GREEN   13 y  
Renewable energy pays off in the long run, employs workers today - perfect for government stimulus.
I don’t know if it will happen or not, we will find out in the coming months as the U.S.A. and Canada produce their economic stimulus packages to prop up the slumping economies. It is a no-brainer to me that they should be putting boatloads of money into renewable energy projects such as wind, solar, and wind/tidal electric generation. This would not only reduce the CO2 emissions that are causing global warming [and thereby saving money on future storm and other climate change damages], but it will definately be a good economic investment. The dollars put in will be returned many tim ...   read more

Disabilities: The Questions that are Unwelcome   13 y  
Colorblind or failing memory?
Just a quick note about something I learned about having respect in social situations for people with disabilities, major or minor. Just a simple thing that we often just never thought about. Two examples: 1] The first clue came to me from my son who is colorblind. He told me that the one thing, besides the problems of colorblindness itself, that really bugs him about being colorblind is when people ”test him”. It seems to be the first thing that well-meaning people, who are just trying to show sympathy, do to the colorblind - ”WHAT COLOR IS THIS?” they ask, holding up an ...   read more

Presidential Inauguration Day Comparison - Obama Vs Bush2   13 y  
Obama's inauguration will be very different than the Bush inaugurations ; quotes from 2001: protests, eggs, etc.
2001 to 2009 - what a difference there will be in the sentiments on inauguration day for the incoming presidents. Bush then and Obama now - and something to do with democracy and fair elections, and knowing what was coming? People allready seemed to know that electing Bush, or however it was that he became President, meant there would be an expansion of war somewhere. In 2001, there were not tears of joy and hope, but tear gas at George Bush’s first term inauguration. There were an estimated 20,000 protestors assembled at some points on that Jan 21st in 2001. Bush’ limo was pelted ...   read more

PAIN - a perception only   13 y  
Pain is allways "only in the brain".
Just a few words about the curious nature of pain: PAIN MECHANISM We stub our toe, the nerve signal goes to the spinal cord and brain where that signal in interpreted as danger and is then sent to another part of the brain where there is a ”map of the body” and a reaction, meant to protect us from further harm or damage, occurs - it feels like pain in the toe we stubbed. This all take places in just milliseconds, it feels as if it is all happens at once. It feels as if our toe hurts, but that is just an illusion - the pain takes place in the brain only. Our toe, or any-other-where ...   read more

Rage - we can learn to put it aside.   13 y  
Typical male, typical rage. We have to learn to control it, and with some compassion it can be done.
I need to say something. Maybe it is not my place, and I am not judging because I used to do it, and I know how hard it is to stop doing it, but I saw it today and I need to say something. I am not ”talking down” to anyone, I just want to help. It is about men - or, to be fair, ”typical men”... I suppose there are women who do this and men who don’t do it, or who ”have it”, but just typically... and from what I have seen ONLY MEN DO IT. Women do something similar, but they don’t have the brute physical strength that makes it truly terrifying like what I saw today. Nobody got physicall ...   read more

No more Earmarks? Another Obama hit song!!   13 y  
Government money should not create individual wealth.
No more Earmarks? Trickle down is Out? These join the hit parade of popular music that Pres. [elect] Obama is singing these days, leading up to his inauguration. Obama says that earmarks will not be allowed in the stimulus bill to resurrect the American economy. I am hopinh he might also mention something like ”no one person should be able to make a lot of money from the economic rescue plan”. I have not heard it yet, but I AM listening closely. I am sure it is in his heart that this huge amount of money does not go towards creating any billionaires. It has allways been the case ...   read more

Pay for it once, and then it's FREE ; Obama message   13 y  
Renewable energy projects will provide cheaper electricity - "Pay for It Once, and then its FREE"
Pres.[elect] Obama said today [Jan.8th 2009] that he will fund renewable energy projects as part of his economic stimulation plan. It will include the manufacturing and installation of solar panels and wind turbines. He said that this ”will lead to new jobs, and LOWER COSTS”. He is referring to lower ENERGY costs, as in cheaper electricity - renewable energy installations provides electricity at a lower cost than electricity made from fossil fuels because after the initial cost of the solar panels and wind turbines, they continue to produce electricity FOR FREE for many years. Co ...   read more

Value of Gold Vs. the Value of Water and Food   13 y  
Amazay Lake to be used as a tailings pond for gold mine - where are our values?
Gold is one of those things that we have placed an artificial value on: we CAN live without it. Diamonds are another - they are unneccessary for life or even for prosperity. To a girl, best friends have more actual value than diamonds do. It would be helpfull to the human race if gold were available to anyone who had a use for it, such as dental fillings or other health applications. Unfortunately, gold has been placed beyond the reach of people for use in practical applications due to the artificial value we have placed on gold in the financial markets, and where gold is used to s ...   read more

Winter Ear Care at the Speed of Nature - and a surprise.   13 y  
Eax wax therapy, and an inner ear stroke.
I had my ears checked out by my doctor last month after an unusual ear episode that I will describe later. The Doc used his special scope and said he could not see the eardrum on one side due to wax buildup, and the other side was almost as full, and that it appeared hardened. Wow - how did I get to this point?? He said I should book an appointment to have my ears ”washed out” with his special syringe that squirts warm water and will dislodge the plugs of wax. Meanwhile, he suggested that I should try to soften it up so that the washing will work better. He said ”there are speci ...   read more

2008: The Year of Neglecting Global Warming   14 y  
Global warming fell off the public radar in 2008, but climate change continues and emissions increased
2008 was ”the year of forgetting about global warming and climate change”... with distractions such as the American election, where the global warming issue was merely a footnote, and the economic crisis, and those radical swings in the price of gasoline, we just did not get much news, or action, on global warming. There certainly was severe weather, but it was not connected to climate change in the mainstream media in the way it could have, and should have, been. Al Gore seems to have fallen off the radar, and there seems to be less alarm about this issue than in previous years. Huma ...   read more

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