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Our "Enemies" Are Our True Benefactors!   8 y  
The miracle for the "Onion" is to see others in a whole new light!
”It is a tradition to raise monuments or statues to the men and women who have contributed wonderful things to a society, to a culture or even to humanity as a whole. It is right to do so. Nevertheless, I believe it is to our enemies that we should erect the most beautiful monuments and statues... For they are our true benefactors, thanks to whom we are forced to become more vigilant, more intelligent, more patient and masters of ourselves.”[1] This has been so true for me here at the E.G.O.! And with this message from the Omraam community I just may begin to consider what kind of ”monu ...   read more

The Great Challenge To Transformation   8 y  
Sent the following to a former fellow E.G.O. gardener.
Mars has been in a pre-Retrograde shadow Zone since the 17th February 2016 at 23°03′ Scorpio. ________ natal sun is 26 Scorpio and is definitely feeling the impact of this in a really big way! If you are interested, the following article has the details! And/or the Sabian Symbol also says a lot!: 23°03′ Scorpio gets read at 24°: AFTER HAVING HEARD AN INSPIRED INDIVIDUAL DELIVER HIS ”SERMON ON THE MOUNT,” CROWDS ARE RETURNING HOME. KEYNOTE: The need to incorporate inspiring experiences and teachings into everyday living. ...   read more

"Your Mind May Be Likened To A Garden ... (Or A Parachute!)   8 y  
As A Man Thinketh!
May 13, 2022 - For ”Professor/s” With Concern For Children’s Health - ”Children’s Risk of Death Increases by 5100% Following Covid-19 Vaccination Compared to Unvaccinated Children According to Official ONS(i) Data”[12]* -- (i) ”The Office for National Statistics” - *** April 6, 2016 - ... This garden may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild; but whether cultivated or neglected, it must, and will, grow something. If no useful seeds are put into it, then an abundance of useless weed-seeds will fall into it, and will continue to produce their kind. A gardener ...   read more

Can Cheerfulness Be Recovered?   8 y  
Cheerfulness is one of the most poetic expressions of love.
November 4, 2022 - ”In general, we do not think about how vital it is to cultivate contentment. Human beings live in a perpetual state of criticism, dissatisfaction and revolt, without knowing that this dissatisfaction is actually the manifestation of a lack of love. However, contentment cannot be based on feelings, because the heart is happy only when it has everything it desires, which happens but once in a while, and for a brief moment. So, feelings are not a very stable foundation. Whereas if you take intelligence, reason and thought(i) as the basis for contentment, even if you are ...   read more

Congratulations You Survived a Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse   8 y  
"Lunar Eclipses can always be the most confrontational and emotionally intense times of the year due to the Super Full Moon extremes of polarity."
I told another ”fellow gardener” that the most intense phase is over now. We both had our individual perspectives on a ”most confrontational and emotionally intense” event in our shared environment. ”The word confront means to be with/face, or to face something uncomfortable directly. Lunar Eclipses can always be the most confrontational and emotionally intense times of the year due to the Super Full Moon extremes of polarity. During this Eclipse, relational issues will be delivered into the full light of conscious awareness and require intentional healing.”[1] Now it is past! We can ...   read more

Dig Deep Inside Yourself!   8 y  
What to do if you find yourself in difficult conditions.
Continuing with great gratitude for the Truth and the Wisdom of a genuine master that I find most rarely expressed in my garden. ”Though planted in the same soil and benefiting from the same external conditions – the same temperature and humidity and the same care – some trees will produce flowers with dazzling colours, exquisite perfumes and delicious fruit, while others will give only dull flowers with no perfume and inedible fruit. The same can be said of humans. And so, when it is claimed that their destiny, their successes and failures, their rise or fall, are determined by family, ...   read more

Higher Orders of "Onions"   8 y  
"As Above So Below" does not equal the television series "Upstairs Downstairs".
Omraam created an analogy of heart, mind, soul and spirit likened unto maid, butler, mistress and master (respectively) who all live in the same ”house” being our own body-temple.[1] In the Omraam account the master (spirit) or both master and mistress (spirit and soul) can leave the house. I tend to think that it is the ”maid” and the ”butler” who leave the presence of the ”master” and the ”mistress”. I would present that in an outer form likened unto ”Upstairs Downstairs” but upgraded to level that ”Upstairs” is where a true Master lives. I have seen follies of ”heart and mind” wi ...   read more

The Miracle Garden Onion   8 y  
The "root" is so deep (as deep as roots can go) and naturally "out of sight" and therefor "out of mind"! (Post X)
The ”fellow gardener” mentioned a few of the different brain/minds that human beings have in reference to the rational (or irrational) way/s that they think. However, it is not commonly realized that insanity can present itself in what may appear to be perfectly logical ways.[1] I suppose I have been consistently expressing my gratitude to the point now where I realize my oneness with others. ”... ingratitude is born of our feeling that we have been cheated, that God is not our Creator, the Source of our being, and that we can function on our own. Thus, not only do we not feel grateful, ...   read more

Personal Growth   8 y  
Dialogue includes "into me see" - intimacy. (Post IX)
December 19, 2023 - The Transition From Youth to Adulthood - ”If we remember that there is a correspondence between the life of a human being and that of nature, we can say that a young person’s formative years can be compared to the period when the earth itself was being formed. At that time, no organized form of life was possible on earth, for it was nothing but a seething mass of molten matter constantly racked by volcanic eruptions... Nothing solid can be built on such unstable ground, and this means that before they can become a hospitable environment for plants, animals and human ...   read more

The Evolution of the E.G.O.   8 y  
The spirit of the community. (8th Post)
Her-story in ”enchanted garden onion” terms: She decided that transplanting herself would give her a better growing environment. Now she discovers other challenges in the ”new” environment and says: ”which is worse?” I can’t help but wonder: Is there any meaning to this? IMO - one way or another we will have to ”resolve” our relationships with our ”environment”. If ”transplanting” supports us in dealing with our environment then God Bless that! However, from this blog-writer’s perspective he can see that the unconscious is truly the first ”environment” and it is the Inner Environment th ...   read more

Peeling "The Onion"   8 y  
In conventional reality people may "cry" when they peel their onions but when we peel the Enchanted Garden Onion we can't help but laugh! (7th Post)
An anonymous alumnus[1] wrote: ”I am glad to hear that the onion is ... at last ... being peeled. What will be discovered at the center ... one can only wonder :)” I replied saying ”That made my day!” Later in an aura-to-aura visit with this same ”alumnus” member the hilarity tide kept rising and included an ”April Fools” inspiration. Consequently I got inspired with ”Possibly The Best Kept Secret ’Society’ of Outrageous Humor at The Enchanted Garden Onion (EGO)”. Makes me wonder what all was in the neutrino stream between 6 and quarter after this evening (PST). In conventional re ...   read more

"Bumping" in the Enchanted Garden Onion (EGO)   8 y  
"The personality is strong and powerful, extremely able, talented, resourceful, but the trouble is, it wants everything to revolve round it." (6th Post)
Any ”Enchanted Garden Onion”(EGO) story will be based on personalities. In fact there have been musings on such things as an EGO Reality Show and EGO comics. I wonder if these creative ideas would qualify for what Omraam says is putting the personality ”to work”. ”If you observe the personality you see that it cannot hide or disguise itself, for its attitude and manner, its way of giving advice at the top of its voice and demanding attention at all times, are unmistakable. ...”[1] I can’t help but to think of a couple ”EGO” people with this previous line that I’ve quoted of Omraam. ...   read more

Inner Order   8 y  
Why meditation is so essential. (5th Post)
”To meditate is to slow down the headlong march of time so as to introduce an inner rhythm, peace and light which will leave their imprint for a long time to come.”[1] Several years ago I agreed with the rest of my garden-mates that peace is the supreme agreement for our shared living together. That’s certainly a good thing! Now I’d like to see that agreement supported with a number of ways that make peace. I agree with Omraam (quoted above) about meditation. Although Omraam has crossed the threshold we have Richard Rudd who carries on the spirit of the brotherhood. *** The 13th ...   read more

The Onion's Root   8 y  
Looking through the enchanted garden onion toward the root. (4th Post)
I heard him say: ”solved that problem”! My internal question to hearing that is: ”Was the root cause ever addressed?” The true root runs deep in the ”Enchanted Garden Onion”. I’ve become quite familiar with this root over the years. If the ”root cause” was ever addressed I would most certainly have heard about it. That would really be a miracle! Then we’d have a Miracle Garden Onion! ; ~ ) Based on my long time observations and my most recent insights I can now say that complaints need to be presented in true dialogue if there is any hope for a real resolution. That kind of commun ...   read more

Onion or Mirror?   8 y  
Recent life experience supports my recognition of an unconscious victim pattern! (3rd Post)
Richard Rudd has not only written Gene Keys - one of the most beneficial books in support of our individual and collective evolution - he has continued to serve humanity as a teacher of consciousness. Although it was some time ago when I was introduced to his continued work in identifying ”64 Victim Patterns”[1] it was only in the last hour that I experienced a live recognition to one of those victim patterns, namely # 22 - ”Victim of other’s ungracious behavior”. That one came up for me this past day. Having had a most recent experience with that one I was able to immediately recognize th ...   read more

Looking Through a Glass Onion   9 y  
The truth behind the "Second Agreement" - that everything others say is all about them! (2nd Post)
What a gift it is to be able to see through the outer surfaces! I came to this appreciation tonight shortly after I was hearing another reporting their experience to a third party (possibly with sympathetic ears). I was truly grateful to realize a couple things. I was not at all a ”party” to any of the content of the experience being reported and therefore not ”invested” in their story one way or another. When they eventually mentioned their idea to write to a fourth party with whom they had experienced an apparently confrontive communication I thought silently to myself ”yes - write an ...   read more

Welcome to "The Enchanted Garden Onion"!   9 y  
Possibly the start of "phase two" of one of my other blogs: Psyche & Health where I bring the new "mind body" medicine down to personal experience. (1st Post)
From the ”heavens above” and through my most recent research I realized this is a good time to become more ”playful”! The most recent new moon included a transit that was conjunct with my fifth house of the play! Intuitively I knew that this was significant for me and therefore worthy of my investing some research. So glad I did that! In ”The Book of Houses” the author/s identify the Fifth House with: ”you feel playful, your dreams for this year are taking shape and it’s exciting.” It’s about time! Still, I had to ask myself what my ”play” is. Presently I have a housemate who is more ...   read more

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