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The Transformational Path For "Community"   5 mon  
It's nature's way!
January 21, 2023 - “…anyone who manages to stay good-natured amidst painful situations and interpersonal troubles is going to build up merit and virtue and, as a result, will achieve the elevation of his or her soul. … … If, in a trying setting like this (amidst painful situations and interpersonal troubles), a person can still keep his thoughts virtuous; if he can hold his or her ground against the onslaught of modern values and views, ... and if he still believes in the divine in the face of assaults from the atheist and evolutionary camps, then that person will fulfill his purpose ...   read more

Enchanted Zen Gardens   16 mon  
A new vision has begun to manifest in the "Enchanted Garden Onion".
January 1, 2023 - The Essence of Zen - ”...the master revealed the essence of Zen: Relax, be natural, be simple...”[4]* - *** August 21, 2022 (Part 2) - Who’s The Stage Director Here? - While starting his personal ”chef” production for the day - this Blog-writer didn’t immediately see his chef knife and decided to check the other kitchen, went there, didn’t see it there as well but before leaving he attended to some house-keeping and upon leaving noticed a certain plastic tote moved to beside the recycling bin and went to check out why. he discovered it was breaking down and dec ...   read more

Clarifying Our Terms   17 mon  
Community is defined
January 28, 2023 - Commūnitātem - (accusative singular of commūnitās)[3] - Communitas - ”An unstructured community in which people are equal.”[4] Latin communitatem ”was merely a noun of quality ... meaning ’fellowship, community of relations or feelings’”[5]* - *** June 2, 2022 - ”Intentional Community”? - The best thing this bLog-writer heard all day today (so far) is: ”Hmmm 🧐 ... Exactly”! Naturally - this quote will not mean anything to anyone else besides the sender and this writer. Context is required to begin to understand what those two ...   read more

Got Happiness?   19 mon  
"So many people endlessly complain that they lack this, that someone owes them that, that no one loves them or thinks of them, that others are ill intentioned ..."
June 18, 2021 ”In order to be happy, you must become a servant.”: How one serves and how one can serve best are to be determined by each individual. Knowing your Human Design can certainly support this discovery process. Personalized complimentary discovery sessions are offered in San Diego. This blog writer was inspired to post this item at this one particular Blog (of the dozen and a half CureZone Blogs he has) shortly after having a conversation at the ”Enchanted Garden Onion” that related to this subect matter of happiness.   read more

Coincidentally   22 mon  
An Auspicious Sun Transit in the Enchanted Garden Onion
March 14, 2021 - Sun Transit At 1:00 PM[1] - In Gate 36 - The Darkening of the Light Gate of Crisis Wait for Emotional Clarity __________________________ The rule of cycles in which decline is a natural but not enduring stage. Action without awareness leads to emotional crisis. A shift of feeling is the end of a cycle. Right Angle Cross of Eden Line 3 - Transition - The point at which decline has exhausted its power. Exaltation: The ability to establish a new order out of the ashes of the old. The emotional depth to endure crisis and embrace change. Detriment: The ...   read more

"Elected" or "Voted In"? - By Anna Von Reitz   29 mon  
A great deal of confusion about the various election processes.
August 7, 2020 - Comment: This Blog-writer is posting the following article here in serendipitous light of observing a conversation between fellow gardeners earlier this afternoon that included some talk about ”Presidential Election”. -- Anna: There is a great deal of confusion about the various election processes that are ongoing --- who is being elected to what office and with what authority and by whom --- these are the questions that have to be asked and answered. First, there is the Great Divide between Public Elections and Private Elections, or as I describe them, Uninc ...   read more

In The Beauty of An Enchanted World   32 mon  
The Eternally True "Enchanted Garden"
Christmas Day, 2022 - ”Earth is the Garden of Heaven, and we are separated from it by The World.”[] - *** May 1, 2022 - ”We too are seeds ... planted in a divine soil, and with the help of the sun’s rays, we can produce such marvelous colors and perfumes that even divinities will be ecstatic.”[5] - *** November 11, 2020 - ”...Aquarius teaches that human beings must look heavenwards without turning their backs on the earth. They must look up at heaven so that they can bring down from it all that is beautiful, pure, luminous and eternal. In this way, humans will become a m ...   read more

The Greater "Onion"   4 y  
5G and "Electromagnetic Disruptions and Their Negative Health Effects"
March 1st, 2019 - The following quote is from an article that was pointed to by Dr. Tom Cowan of whom I have blogged a number of times at ”Chef-doctor Jemichel” here at CureZone. - ... Many researchers, such as Dr. Konig, from Munich University, have shown a correlation between Schumann Resonance and brain rhythms. Alpha states are the brainwave frequency at which thinking and creativity are associated. Alpha brainwaves are associated with overall mental and body/mind coordination, alertness, and learning. These are core human functions, which may eventually express problematically a ...   read more

Gene Keys & The E.G.O.   5 y  
64 "Flavors" of Genius - if you only knew!
January 4, 2023 - We are now still in a final completion stage of 2022! After opening the following ”Thought” (below) this Blog-writer was especially drawn to the ”fire” that is mentioned therein. He likened it to the ”Ecstasy” that he had just previously mentioned to a fellow Enchanted Gardener that is indicated in his ”Life’s Work” (according to the Gene Keys regarding his natal Sun at: 46.3) and because he is truly willing to face/acknowledging: ”Seriousness” thereby releasing the Gift of his Delight and allowing divine Ecstasy to possibly flow through him! ; ~ ) Also - when the S ...   read more

"The First Agreement" + Inner Authority   5 y  
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Regarding All Our Agreements
May 1, 2018 - Firstly ”The First Agreement.” - About eight years this blog-writer declared his commitment to living ”The Four Agreements.” The first agreement is: ”Be Impeccable with your Word: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your Word in the direction of truth and love.” This first agreement is most sacred to me! Some weeks ago this writer made a certain agreement with a fellow gardener (#!). It was a ”good agreement” in a number of ways. Some days after that he had an oppo ...   read more

Astrology & The Enchanted Garden Onion   5 y  
The Possibility of Healing and rebuilding in the E.G.O. (Enchanted Garden Onion)
January 23, 2023 - In The Beginning ... - An initial ”fellow gardener” with Capricorn Sun purcahsed ”the garden.” Capricorn can be characterized as Generating Earth Power with a quality of determination. The garden site allowed for an initial ”enchanted gardener” to arrive with Scorpio Sun. Scorpio can be characterized as Organizing/Concentrating Water Power and has a fear-based quality. A third function can possibly follow characterized as ”Distributing.” However - before that can occur the second function needs to be revisited - and that can only occur after the first function i ...   read more

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