Southern Etiquette or life in Dixie
by kerminator
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I was a thinkin'   14 y  
If you ever really stop to evaluate your life; you will see there is more than first seen!
     "Everyday life in America (or where ever you happen to be) has a creative force behind it."   Carol Endres    " Life is like a message in a bottle, as it floats through eternity;   Washed by the waves of time, floating over the events of your  life,    What is the true purpose as you travel this pathway,     Waiting to be picked up by the hand of God! "    Everyday we wake up to a new opportunity in our life...  It’s what we do with it tha ...   read more

What you should have learned in Kindergarten or First Grade!   14 y  
Oh where is your proper moral compass...
      Sometimes you may want to go back to a simpler time!!   Like when you started school...   There are some things that we should learn early on in life!  Most of these are the things that form your life’s core values... Core values are the basic values you use and depend on to guide your life! HUH! "It has been said that we learn more proportionally the first few years of our life  than in all the rest!"         a True-ism   Most people should have learned the basics of their life by the time ...   read more

Running out plus going all Green?   14 y  
Why does there seem to be a fraud in the banking community? Why is it necessary to control others to be green?
   Why do so many people want to control everyone else?  This universal question bothers me, until I realized that it is really a contest between good and evil...  Good encourages free choice, evil seeks to control people!  When will we ever learn that everyone has the GOD given right to choose... i.e. The freedom to fail!  Not to be directed and controlled!  Read some info from a newsletter below:        FDR’s New Deal unwinding... Japan scientists flip off UN...  The Federal Deposit Insuranc ...   read more

The crushing blow...   14 y  
The USA has reached a Moment of Truth!
     Here is a over view of the grand debt and sell out of this country!  Massive debt will lead to the destruction of the society as we know it...  If and when you think about this again in a few years, it will become perfectly clear that the recent turn of events has not been for the best!      The $850 billion Phony Stimulus Plan passed by the Congress  this week will exceed more than $1.1 trillion when adding in the interest ($300 plus billion) between 2009-2019 to pay for it.   The Capit ...   read more

Happenings in Dixie   14 y  
Unusual things happen...
   Here is some recent happenings down in Dixie...    An electrician, working in Alabama recently, told about the naming of a Tugboat down in New Orleans some time back...  The tug company, had a party to celebrate the new name of the tugboat...   It turns out that the Tug was named after an employee who had been employed by the company for 75 years, having started work at 10...  What a career!  There are not many who can meet or beat that record!    Some time back a man was driving along a back ...   read more

What do we know?   15 y  
Most of us spend our life chasing fantasy or illusions presented by the mindless elite!
 We all go through areas of trouble and grief as we travel this pathway of life!       a True-ism                 Having spent many years on my pathway, some things seem to fall or come to fit into place! Here are some of my observations and notes which I will share with you. Because knowledge is no good unless it is shared; we must learn to have the heart of a teacher:  1) While we are not invincible, we do have a certain Eternal quality!   ...   read more

There are better ways to get some where...   15 y  
Don't buy that electric car yet unless you are not going very far and want to wait a while for a recharge!
 Don’t know about you, but right now, down here in Dixie electric cars are not the answer... Maybe in the future when they get a better battery!  Right now the real future is with Hydrogen fuel sources, see what we mean in the article :   Hydrogen Car Tanks Lighter than Plug In Electric Batteries Posted on November 11th, 2008 by admin A recent study by Dutch researcher Robin Gremaud has shown that metal hydride hydrogen tanks are actually 40 to 60-percent lighter than a battery pack on an electric vehicle. The study proposed using light metal al ...   read more

Past, Present or future?   15 y  
Where you let your mind wonder; is where you will be!
  Past, present or future? « on: Today at 01:43:59  »  "Everyone has problems, grief and difficulty in this earthly life."  a True-ism  Oct 2008   Where are you living,  are your thoughts and concerns in the past or the future?  This is what you need to decide for yourself...  A simple test and evaluation:  Ask yourself How:  successful, ...   read more

Things we don't take kindly to in Dixie..   15 y  
"Change for change's sake is never good!" a True-ism
 Even after the past differences we suffered in the recent "War between the States"  Most true southerners do not like to see the flag of the United States disrespected.   Plus we think the National Anthem is good just as it is!  It seems that some people always want things their way, and it is obvious that some will change the very core things of this country, if they get the chance...  BTW: you may notice that these people want power to do things their "new" way! HUH!!     There are some peop ...   read more

Some time back in Dixie   15 y  
A look back at life in the 1920's & 30's down in Dixie!
Life in Dixie some time back... « on: Today at 05:40:14 AM »  My mother grew up in South Georgia, USA  back in the 1920 & 30’s...   She said that one of her jobs was to get up at 05:00 and start the fire...   They used fireplaces to heat the house in the winter months...   I remember the fireplaces, where you had to stand in front and turn to stay warm; from visits to my Grandparents house later, as  ...   read more

Down on a South Georgia Lake...   15 y  
Life is what you do, not what you wished you had done! a true-ism
 Well it was our oldest son’s B’day; and he loves to fish, so off we went to a large lake on So. Ga...  We stayed a a lodge at a Ga State Park, right on the lake...  You could walk about fifty yards (meters) to a small pond where you could view a local gator, some birds, and of course fish..  The food was super they offered a variety of good quality eats... Since we were some distance from any town or place with resturants...  Rented a boat one day and fished up and down the large lake...  Over all you would have enjoyed the peace and quiet!!& ...   read more

Look to the SUN...   15 y  
The SUN can become your next step toward better health... HUH! Try it you will like the results...
 Sunshine will make you smile...  Well the sunshine in dixie is great; we always love to be outdoors down here in the Southland!!       Vitamin D in Your Skin ...   read more

Urine Test   15 y  
The question is why do we force the producers to quilify in order to work... To support those who do not labor...
See what life has to offer....   Subject: Good Point #AOLMsgPart_2_e3d9f45b-fd7f-46a3-949f-6338a336438b .hmmessage P { PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; PADDING-LEFT: 0px; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px; MARGIN: 0px; PADDING-TOP: 0px } #AOLMsgPart_2_e3d9f45b-fd7f-46a3-949f-6338a336438b BODY.hmmessage { FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY: Tahoma } THE JOB - URINE TEST  (I sure would like to know who wrote this; they deserve a HUGE pat on the back!) I HAD TO PASS A URINE TEST FOR MY JOB...  Like a lot of folks in this state, I have a jo ...   read more

Two Glasses of buttermilk...   15 y  
Life is often more than we realize and at times less than we suppose!!
Here it is a true story...  Two glasses of buttermilk « on: January 08, 2008, 06:36:13 AM » There was a song I heard some years ago called " Two glasses of buttermilk."  Based on a real happening... There was a poem also written about it...   BTW:  One of my favorite poems, I learned  in High School; was "The Charge of the Light Brigade!" by Alfred Lord Tennyson, Poet Lorriet of England.. ...   read more

Dixie logic!! Rev 1.1   16 y  
Logic and reason can be a helpful tool in discovering answers to the world around us....
Most of what we know or come to understand is based on the premise that all we see and hear is correct or right!!  This could not be any further from the truth, than from now to infinity!! So how do we ever come to a truthful and valid understanding??  This question has plagued people for centuries...  What do we know?? Science is man’s attempt to seek answers from this earthly realm in which we exist!! It is a methodology using certain known principles and observed reactions...  Many times through tedious and long involved observations, man has learned man ...   read more

Some first in my life!!   16 y  
If we look back on our life we will see a long list of first happenings... Some good some not so good...
My first float... « on: 07 December  2007, 12:50:40 »       If we sit back and search our mind; there were places we had our first occurrences in life... "Life is a long list of first; so learn and enjoy each one!!"   a True-ism Dec 2007   As far as my time at sea, my started in Boca Ciega bay on the West coast of Fla...  I was about 12, and living only about a block from th ...   read more

Thanksgiving (Not the Holiday) ...   16 y  
Thanksgiving should be a real part of our life!!
Thanksgiving the reason!! « on: Today at 02:35:10 PM »       Everyone has thought about this...  [/b] Where did we come from,  how did we get here, and why are we here??  More than just those questions is the resolution to be thankful for the life we have...  It all goes back to the history,  It is the on going ever evolving element of life...  All that past is gone and for the most part we had ...   read more

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