Southern Etiquette or life in Dixie
by kerminator
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My journey as a Spirit Warrior!!   16 y  
A true Spirit Warrior seeks to live with nature and what is given him or her... Reaching the essence of Pure Love in all he or she does!!
It seems that we all are seeking to return to the nurturing and caring place from which we originated...  { Before Our mother’s womb}  It is this yearning and the built in desire of our soul to be at one with our Awesome Creator...  This quest leads some of us on the pathway of the Spirit Warrior...  One who seeks to find the deep and true meaning in their life...  This is the journey of which I speak... This road takes most many years to learn and then find the gateway to the ultimate Joy of the universe... Though this may take time and end up with sever ...   read more

On the road of life...   16 y  
Things happen and we must just be ready and willing to do what ever!!
Some times things just do not go like you want...  Actually ran into this truck on fire this morning...  It is things like this that keeps life from being so much of a bore... HUH!! It may have cost some time but at least it did not cost a life...   So we came away happy...  It is your attitude that counts in the end...  How do you react and handle yourself is the key here!!  So alway try to learn from the situation, and not let the situation ruin or other wise cause any grief... Best advice for a few of us who really care...&nb ...   read more

Granddaddy where are you??   16 y  
Families are our connection to our past and future...
Here is some personal history...  This is a picture of my Mother’s Father’s (family) back about 1894...  He is the boy on the far left!!    I  learned many important things from this man...  Courage, honesty, respect, and to always be true to your beliefs...  I was 24 the year he passed on into Eternity...   I had spent much time in my formative years at his house in South Georgia...  He took me first time hunting, (Quail) and fishing on the three rivers and many farm ponds... { He always car ...   read more

some times we get something we want to shout about!!   16 y  
Sometimes the truth must be told!!
There is a lot of funny and not so true stuff on the INTERNET these days, HUH!! I usually do not just post other people’s stuff; and I do not get a kickback, but guy does offer some good stuff... Read and decide if you may want to join his web site/newsletter and maybe buy his book...   { Save some money for my book coming out soon} Here is the story; something for us all...  When an important nonfiction book hits the New York Times bestseller list, an amazing thing happens -- no matter what the book’s topic, the mainstream media is required to report on it ...   read more

This could have happened to you!!   16 y  
Some time what happens by mistake turns out to be good!!
It went like this...   Not long a go; a friend of the family went to a family reunion down here in Dixie...  His  Dad  invited him to meet out at a distant ( that is one you don’t see but ever once in a while) Uncle’s house in Standing Rock, Alabama...  He arrived and was welcomed in as one of the nephews... Southern  people are just that way; real friendly... They all sat around and waited for his Dad, Jim Bob to arrive...  Everyone knew Jim Bob...  So They visited and ate Diner then visited and ate Supper... ...   read more

Even in Dixie we know smarts when we see it!!   16 y  
Life is a lesson; are you learning anything useful??
 A friend on the trail of life...  Are you a friend?? One keys of most every successful person; is they never stop learning...  From their mistakes...  HUH!!   Think of yourself ( your mind) as YOU Incorporated!! Since you are the most important factor in your success; just maybe you will want to invest something in yourself?? " In fact,  if you just invested as much in your mind each year as you do in your car, that alone would make you rich!!"  Brian Tracy; Success Coach Beyond belief; friend!!  But don’t ...   read more

The Words of wisdom; you want to know??   16 y  
Most of life is wanting to know our future... So we look for the answers and wait for the knowledge...
What is wisdom? I would like to know the answer to life... HUH!! Well it is not just a thought it is a reality... But it will be answered when we move into the Eternity to come... Eternity is where all questions will be answered and you will understand everything, friend... So until then we will just keep getting one piece of the puzzle at a time... It is like standing out side a great ballroom; where a grand party is going on... But you can only see into the ballroom through a crack in a door... You catch glimpses of people dancing and hear music floating from the room; yet y ...   read more

Lovely in Dixie...   16 y  
Life starts small; but always it is beautiful...
What is beauty look at these and see...  Girls, trees, and plants...   A beautiful 10yr old with her beautiful creation...   Cucumbers a climbing...   A pear in progress...   Apples galor... This is part of the beauty of this world....  Enjoy Friend!!  See Ya... Kermit    read more

It is a rainy night in GA....   16 y  
Surprise... The sunshine costs in FLA; and if it don't storm then you are in a heap of trouble down there...
Many of the people from up in Yankee land move down to FLA; not knowing a thing about the place...  Most don’t care if they can get a nice view from a condo on the beach... The bugs, lots of bugs, the snakes more different types than any other state; and of course the water...  FLA is surrounded on three sides by the ocean; that is salt water...  Since I worked for several years with the US Dept of Interior Water Resources Division; Sub District office out of Tampa...  I might just have learned a few things that most people living in the Sunshine State are not famil ...   read more

48th Ga comes home.....   16 y  
It is good when a Home town unit returns from harms way....
Everyone was happy to see the troops come... This makes for many a glad heart...    This always makes for a nice time...   This is a local paper on the return of the 48th Georgia to be welcomed home from Iraq...   We are glad that we have people who will stand up an be counted when the time comes...  You will notice the tribute to missing warriors; who gave the ultimate sacrifice... ( lower left)  Thank you members of the 48th GA....  Thanks for a job well done...   Kermit   read more

What we have here is a lack of communication!! Y'all...   16 y  
It seems that we all have an air of superstition and personal shame which clouds our overall view of others... Only GOD sees the heart!!
Even in Dixie; people are not always what they first seem...  We all have an air of self preservation; which makes us suspicious of others...  It happens with friends, in families, at work, at school, at church and of course with strangers one and all... Why I write this is because; based on a person’s background; many people never  come to truly trust another human being... We tend to get caught up by the past hurts and actions of others...  I can see painfully this in my own family & friends... We judge!! Trust must be earned on this ea ...   read more

A story of Memorial Day from 1920's...   16 y  
Decoration Day as it was originally called by the Ladies of Dixie; and then the rest of the nation...
This is a story about some veterans of the War Between the States...   Memorial day was started by women in Dixie; in 1866 the Spring after the end of that great conflict... The original idea was to remember the fallen dead veterans, by going out and decorating the graves of these heros...  Thus the name Decoration Day...   Many families still go out and decorate and clean up the Graves of relatives and friends in the Southland today...  It is not just limited to veterans...   But we should all learn the real meaning in the ob ...   read more

More sights of beauty in Dixie...   16 y  
The sight and scents of spring are hard to resist in the southland... Stop by and sit a spell!!
We often have visitors stop and sit a spell out on one of the rockers on the front porch...  That is how you can enjoy a cool lemonade or maybe a piece of pecan pie...  If you are ever in the neighborhood stop by...  More wonderful stuff....   Orange Roses just in time for Mother’s Day...   Then there is the  Fire tree...                   Magnolia in Bloom; some time we see humming birds here too..          ...   read more

Oh I wish; I was in the land of cotton...   16 y  
Cotton, is a crop which has made and undermined the south over the years...
Have you even seen cotton??  Well it is a plant that really takes the nutrients out of the soil...  You must wait for the plant to die and the bolds to pop open... It has sharp hard leaves on the cotton bolls, which cut if and when plucked or picked...  Not a really pretty plant, only about two feet high... It is a story of the Ole Bold Weevil; there is actually a ten foot brass statue located in Enterprise Alabama...  I even have a pic which we will post later...  Some things in life are interesting.... HUH!!    read more

Spring has sprung in DIXIE.. Forgot the periwinkle... Oops!!   16 y  
Spring has begun in Dixie!! More flowers, beauty rare ....
  Strawberry patch...   Azaleas in bloom... This is my pear tree in bloom....     This was seen at a Georgia rest stop....     Check out the sign; note it says   "War between the States"  HUH!!    I guess that it was....   We will move on to the Spring time season in Dixie....   Well the pear trees have bloomed, and there will be more pics of the fabulous plants putting out their display....   You can look at another of my blogs on  Bigger ...   read more

How high is the water, Momma??   16 y  
Three feet high and arising... Remember Johnny Cash's song??
 The Sweet Water Creek on the rise in Georgia....    We are going to talk about some Southern songs ,  and their influence on us... Out of all the songs I have heard the Country, and Southern Gospel songs seem to fit life as I have lived it...   Perhaps on of the best example of many of those songs was the ones sang by Johnny Cash...  "Will the Circle be unbroken?", "Ring of Fire", "I will walk the Line",  "How high is the Water, Mama?",  and many others...  See his new movie, ...   read more

Updated & Interesting facts on the War between the States...   16 y  
It has shaped us and paved the way to the United States developed... What we are now was forged from this great conflict!!
We will discuss some more interesting but seldom discussed facts about the resent period of conflict between ourselves....   Many of the curses and problems we see in the society are a direct result of that time period...  Examples: 1) The Union Army started, the mass use of Morphine, as a pain control for the troops... This led to literally thousands of drug addicts after the war, and started on a large scale the so called dope dealing, we see today... 2) The Confederate Navy, destroyed for all practical purposes the U.S. Whale Oil fleet... That with t ...   read more

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