Southern Etiquette or life in Dixie
by kerminator
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A view from the front porch...   17 y  
The Camilla's are blooming, Yahoo!! Lets talk about natural beauty down in Dixie...
  The Camilla’s are blooming!! Ya Hoo!! This is one of the views from our front porch down here in Dixie... In Late Jan. ’06 If we spent more time looking for the beauty in life, natural and other wise we would all be much better off!! HUH!!   What did you see lately??  Well when you get used to looking for the good in things, it will be a surprise to some people....  Do you feel that you have missed the real beauty in life??  Well start looking for it, now, friend... Life is to be lived and enjoyed, so when are you going to start?? ...   read more

Part 5: General Stand Watie's Confederate Indians!!   17 y  
American Indians were part of the conflict; their story is one of much bravery and courage....
Just when you thought you had seen everything about the recent War between the States...   We bring you yet more news that they don’t teach in the government schools....  On 23 June, 1865; Confederate General Stand Watie, was the last force to surrender...   Then over 15,000 Confederate Indians were on their way home... Yes there were Native Americans who fought on the side of the Confederacy!!  The fight was just as real in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arkansas...  As it was in the deep south and Virginia......  But many ...   read more

Part 4 The Confederate States Navy.. The real story!   17 y  
During the late confrontation between the states.. It was the exploiters of the CSA navy that were exlempery.... Some homework for you all... Do read..
This is the story of some little published news on the war @ sea...   CSS Alabama.... In 1860, the United States Merchant Marine ranked 5th in the world....  Not really bad for a country that was not even a hundred years old yet...  { These are the ships of commence}    By the end of the War between the States, the Confederate States Navy had all but eliminated the US in world shipping....  A real feat... Among the tides of time was the end of whale oil as oil in home and industry....  Petroleum oil, from the ground became ...   read more

Part 3 Some of the true history of Dixie...   17 y  
A unconventional history of Dixie... Some stuff that they did not teach in school... Huh!! Do read the reference books and see for yourself...
Just in case you think I made this all up, or strayed from the truth, please read the references, or have someone look them up for you...  This is the real history, and not the Yankee revisionist history taught in school today.....   First there is some info on Freed US Slaves; actually becoming Slavers, dealing in the trade....  So you see,  it was not just evil greedy white men, after all...  Huh...  Another falsehood exposed.....  Read on friends as we cover more unconventional history about this period of time..... ...   read more

Not your normal view of the War between the States.. Part 1 & 2   18 y  
On overview of the importance and the result of that great conflict, known as the War between the States... {1861- 1865} This is not you average view about the war...
Chapter 1) This is an over view of how we got to where we are today...  {Many know it as the so called "Civil War" which it was was not....  1) "Strictly speaking, there never was an American Civil War ... A civil war is a conflict in which two or more factions fight for control of a nation’s government... That was not the case in the United States during the war 1861 to 1865... The seceding Southern states were not trying to take over the US Government; they wanted to declare themselves independent.."  Thomas E. Woods, PhD., The poli ...   read more

Some favorite old southern receipts....   18 y  
Just in time for the Holidays.... These are keepers... So check out our line up...
These are some of  our favorates....   Am sure you will see something that will light your candle, or pop your cork....  What ever.... We will have "No Bake Fruitcake", some " Key Lime Pie" straight from North Africa of course,   a "Broccoli Coleslaw" that will knock your socks off,  "My favorite pancakes"..... these are really super not your run of the mill....    1) No Bake fruit cake... Crush a 1Lb box Graham crackers, into fine crumbs, add 3 Cups of raisins, 4 cups of your favori ...   read more

Why does all the bad stuff happen to Dixie??   18 y  
Life is about what ever happens, and Dixie is just one of those places, so don't look down on Dixie...
We all get our turn in the barrel ; as we say down south...   So when you hear or see things happening in the world, remember your turn is coming...  It may be next week, next month, or next year, but everyone will get some surprises in this life...  Believe me!!  DUH!!     Well the south has been in the news lately about the "Cains" and such , but there is always something happening...  So just pray that you miss your turn to step out and get lost in the swamp....   I have spent some cold ...   read more

The main thing is to be content in life...   18 y  
Dixie is an opportunity to live the life you really want.... It is really best to try and learn how....
We must learn to be our best in this life of ours...   Life in Dixie helps one achieve that..  As I had written in the previous blog the essence of Dixie is it’s people and the whole attitude of GOD in our life.....  Now we can get into that discussion of who you think GOD is or how you think of GOD...  But we will answer those questions on the "Absolute Truth, Some Wisdom and Intercourse" blog...  Check it out... Remember happiness is a state of mind, you are as happy as you want to be...  Don’t let life drag you down...  ...   read more

What is DIXIE??   18 y  
Dixie is as Dixie does... Yet we all have some half baked ideas of exactly what that is.... Lets look see... Ya hear!!
What is Dixie exactly??   Well some say it is just that land south of the M/D line...  Some say it is a group of states in the southern US... Some say it is some whacked out hill billies, who don’t know when to come in out of the rain... Some say it is a by gone  dream...  Some say it is just a mystic idea and yet it exist....  Much of that is correct and many of you have seen felt and been a part of Dixie...  So to you it is a real choice, a place, and much more than a dream...  It is the stuff that people have lived for, and died for... ...   read more

Dixie has always been the Bible belt....   18 y  
The Bible Belt always beats a Black Belt, every time... We will cruise Dixie for some examples and you might just learn something.... DUH!!
What is the Bible belt in Dixie?? Well for starters it is the place where people have tried to follow the teaching of the Bible...  Some may ask what is a Bible??  Well it has a meaning of Book or Great Book....  For the past 2000 years give or take some it has been the standard of the Christan Churches/ Relieion(s)....  And there are several.... Next we will look at what is called religion and / or a church...  It may surprise you as to what it is and what it is suppose to be...  Definitions: 1) A church is more than a building where people meet to ho ...   read more

Dark Days in Dixie.. But the Sun is going to shine again!! DUH!   18 y  
Life changes ... So lets be ready for it... Good will always follow bad...
I got over the bad news, and everything is going to be OK....   Sometimes we must look outside and see the real world, folks...  The Fall of the year is a time to do that folks...  We need to assess our lives and make the necessary adjustments to help balance it out... It seems that with the recent BAD weather on the Gulf Coast we should, take time to reevaluate our lives and our commitments ...  Remember life is about being of assistance to others in need... Along with good events, with people helping others, and the positive, there is alw ...   read more

It is Fall in Dixie....   18 y  
Well the leaves are starting to fall, {the reason for the name of the season, DUH!} The wild cain winds are still blowing on the Gulf Coast, the world is turning, and we can enjoy this Fall season in our life...
 Georgia Mt. forest, beautiful to be hold, just as GOD intended... Life is a time of seasons, and the world follows the universal timing of cycles... The Fall season is on the plate as of today....  Lets look and understand this wonderful time of the year, that GOD has provided for us....  Fall is a time to survey your life to take notice of all that  GOD has placed in your pathway, friends...  It is a time to come to know yourself, your family, friends, neighbors better, and to be thankful of all that has been placed in your basket of ...   read more

Bible bashing.... The who, the why, and the when...   18 y  
It is a sad day and a real shame that we have allowed some individuals here on cure zone drive a dear sister {Ready 2 Rapture} from these supposedly open and fair blogs...
This is dedicated to our sister, Ready2Rapture; and all that she stands for... In the words of Robert E Lee; to his students @ Washington & Lee College, after the war between the states: "  Gentlemen, {It was an all male college} I do not care if you do not learn anything here, except how to be a Christan and a Gentleman!   For this will serve you better than all the education in the world....  "    I stick by this principle, and will take up the torch, to help educate people on this and other blogs...  If we can not b ...   read more

We are picking blueberries in Georgia...   18 y  
Effort requires effort, and effort requires action!! Action is where it is at folks...
It is blueberry picking time in Georgia..  Boy they are good this year...   We will get back on what else is happening so stay tuned...  Folks...   visit the page

Dixie is coming back strong, straight up and full speed ahead!!   18 y  
Dixie is digging out, and headed in the right direction, up and ready to do what is best for the nation....
Dixie is coming out of this Hurricane mess and we are going to be better than ever.... We have over a thousand displaced people just in our west Georgia county alone, and the southern hospitality is going strong....  People are being helped...  We have set up food and distribution system, using the county recreation centers... I went over and met several of these people.... One lady and her daughter were from Slidale La, she said her house was under water, and it may be more than a year before they get back...  She received some clothing, and we gave cash to help wi ...   read more

Yes sir save your Confederate money, because the South is going to rise again...   18 y  
The symbol of Atlanta, is the Phoenix, the mythical bird that rises from the ashes to fly again.... This is the story of the people not only here in Dixie but all over this great country of ours... Lets get things going for the good folks...
  This is a photo taken in the Appalachian Mt of Georgia.... This is what we need to be looking for the best of something, not the worst....  Life will give us some bad treatment folks, as you already know....  But we must not just sit back and take it, we need to get up and start over again....  Defeat is when you no longer care or fight for what you think is right....   We will come out of this and be better for it.... Life is an adventure to be lived, don’t let a few disappointments set you back, or make you quit, that is for wosses...  People ...   read more

Destruction in Dixie.... Pray for these folks...   18 y  
Life will throw some real mean balls some time, and this is one for those people on the Gulf coast, This ain't no Pic Nic... This is as serious as a heart attack... folks...
This is a redirect folks....   Because way down yonder in New Orleans,  is in a terrible mess...  It looks like the southland has been set upon by another bad Cain like few have ever heard tell....  This is a major problem for the folks down on the Gulf coast...   Let hope and pray that it will help and assistance for all  the damage, folks...  We are going to be ready to go help as needed... I have been thru and seen some Hurricanes, and it ain’t no picnik.... I was on the disaster recovery after Andrew, and that ...   read more

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