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Magnesium - The Anti-Aging Mineral   4 y  
"...the largest increases of plasticity ever reported in scientific litera­ture. ... magnesium reduces the physical reaction to fear."
Carolyn Dean MD ND - The Doctor of the Future® - In 1993, Dr. Jean Durlach, a preeminent magnesium expert in France, summed up the existing research on magnesium and aging. What follows is one of his seven points, excerpted from Dr. Carolyn Dean’s Magnesium Miracle book: ”Magnesium deficiency symptoms in the elderly include central nervous system symptoms that seem largely ’neurotic’: anxiety, excessive emotionality, fatigue, head­aches, insomnia, light-headedness, dizziness, nervous fits, the sensation of a lump in the throat, and impaired breath­ing. Peripheral nervous system s ...   read more

Weston A. Price Movie   4 y  
This film will re-create the success of Weston A. Price in reversing children’s active cavities using food instead of expensive dental surgery.
SUMMARY: An alternative to the conventional business model of modern dentistry has existed for many years and was documented by the highly respected dental researcher, Weston A. Price DDS, during the 1930s. He learned how to cure tooth decay with food and used this knowledge to stop cavities at his Cleveland Clinic.  This film will re-create his success reversing children’s active cavities using food instead of expensive dental surgery. The film will also highlight another benefit of this diet discovered by Dr. Price – increased learning capacity of the children who participated in ...   read more

Know The Organic Laws And Be Free From Oppressive Government   4 y  
The way that American government was created to work.
The Organic Laws of the United States of America are Fundamental Law serving as the foundation and the limitation for Lawful government. However, ”Acts of Congress” are presented in ways that appear to be unlimited as to what, where and who they apply to. If you just go by outer appearances then you will be essentially hoodwinked into believing that you are subject to whatever government says. Is that freedom? Not in ”my book”! In order to remove the ”hood” from over your head you’ll need to be introduced to the four Organic Laws. The four Organic Laws can be see online at the very top ...   read more

Got Yoga?   4 y  
Advantages of the Chin Mudra.
Yoga is really simply a matter of union. The union is U-n-I-on of spirt/soul and body. It probably can be considered as an original Mind-Body Medicine. There are almost countless forms of yoga. One of these largely about Mudras: ”The word ’Mudra’ means energy seal. These mudras are physical actions that directly effect universal energy / pranic energy within the body.”[1] I’m very impressed to be learning now about a mudra that helps bring prana into the legs. - ”Chin Mudra (Gesture of Consciousness) : Place the thumb nail in to the index nail. Letting the rest of the finger ...   read more

It’s Up To Us To Stay Healthy!   4 y  
"Nutritional Management in Medicine"
From Dr. Carolyn Dean: ”... Allopathic medicine is not going to embrace health, they are going to stay committed to disease. It’s up to us to stay healthy and be the healthy example for our friends and family. ...”[1] She asked: ”Would it be cynical or would it be accurate to say that there is more money to be made in treating sick people rather than keeping them well?” I hope the answer is most obvious to most people but in case this isn’t obvious then just consider that allopathic medicine’s ”...mandate is to diagnose symptoms as a specific disease and treat those disease symptoms ...   read more

"Diet Review: DASH"   4 y  
One man's "optimal" is another man's illness!
January 26, 2018 - ”Because people with gout often also have high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases, DASH is optimal in improving all of these conditions.”[1] Thus saith ”The Nutrition Source”: the School of Public Health at Harvard. ”Optimal” for Harvard is certainly limited - in light of their additional statement: ”The reduction of blood pressure in the DASH combination diet was comparable to that of people on medication for stage 1 hypertension”.[1] Harvard has essentially defined ”optimal” health as a health condition that is dependent upon one form of medic ...   read more

Brown Seaweeds   4 y  
The prevention of all major degenerative illnesses.
”... a type of polyphenol called phlorotannins ... found only in brown sea vegetables ... has been shown to help prevent the cancerous transformation of cells; have a positive effect on glucose homeostatis, which can help prevent the development of diabetes; and, finally, increase the flexibility of the blood vessels, a crucial factor in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. A significant line of research correlates polyphenol consumption with the prevention of all major degenerative illnesses we face. All of these degenerative changes share the common factor of the progressive ...   read more

Got "Broken Brain"?   4 y  
Brain chemistry as well as how gratitude may impact brain structure and activity - plus - a hallmark with anxiety is a total disconnect between the emotional part of the brain and the logical part of the brain.
October 16, 2020 - More Magnesium! - ”...Magnesium is one of the most essential minerals in the human body, connected with brain biochemistry and the fluidity of neuronal membrane. A variety of neuromuscular and psychiatric symptoms, including different types of depression, was observed in magnesium deficiency. Magnesium deficiency in children is characterized by excessive fidgeting, anxious restlessness, psychomotor instability and learning difficulties in the presence of normal IQ. - Dr. Mildred Seelig.”[49]* - With the viral pandemic, lockdowns increased depression, and sui ...   read more

The Most Essential Human Contact   4 y  
"Isolation kills – what’s the state of your (and your elder's) connection to your community and people?"
According to Dr. Mark Hyman: ”New research shows that social separation is a larger cause of disease and death than poor nutrition, lack of exercise, or smoking.”[1][2] IMO - the above statement is especially true when the ”social separation” relates to a personal ”shock conflict” i.e social separation that is consequential to having previously experienced a shock conflict event or social separation that in and of itself is experienced as a shock conflict. Mark continues: ”The facts emerging from recent research show that social isolation is a serious cause of illness”. Social iso ...   read more

About Your Kitchen & Detoxing   4 y  
four-step process to effectively detoxify your kitchen and restock it with healthy foods.
By Dr. Mark Hyman - ”... the food industry holds your kitchen hostage. No doubt, your cupboards and pantry are filled with ultra-processed fare. Detoxifying your kitchen allows you to escape these shackles and transform your kitchen into a place of wellness. A healthy kitchen provides the foundation for a healthy gut and a healthy you. If you make your kitchen a safe zone with only foods that nourish rather than harm, then you will automatically make the right choices. If you fill it with crap, you will eat crap, no matter how much willpower you have. The first step is to detoxify ...   read more

How To Prepare for Optimal Recovery from Surgery   4 y  
You think you may need surgery. Perhaps your family physician has referred you to a surgeon or suggested that you have surgery. Maybe a friend had the same condition you do and had to have surgery, so you are afraid you will too. Don’t assume you need surgery; you may be able to return to good health without an invasive procedure!
”Tonight on our internet based radio show, we’ll be talking with Dr. Carolyn Dean about How To Prepare for Optimal Recovery from a Surgical Procedure along with a wide range of health topics and safe solutions. You will love hearing the beneficial interactions with our callers and hosts alike including the body/mind connection, identifying the ’conflict’ in the ’conflict basis’ of disease and much more!! sure join us this evening for another wonderful, information-packed broadcast. ...Remember, the valuable information, suggestions, and insights about your health choices can alwa ...   read more

No "Full-Disclosure" of "Non-GMO Corn" @ Trader Joe's!   4 y  
ow thisSeeking full disclosure on the TJ tortillas.
January 17, 2018 - My Reply: Web Customer Relations wrote: ”Aloha Chef,” Aloha Julia! Are you in Hawaii? [J] ”Thanks for contacting us. All of our private label products are indeed GMO free, which of course includes all of their ingredients. Unfortunately, we are not able to share the certification that demonstrates our corn is GMO free, because it would violate our legal agreement of third party non-disclosure.” [CJ] I’m sorry to hear that Julia! Would it be possible to share just data findings of your ”third-party lab testing” on the corn tortillas without identifying a ...   read more

The Reasons Why People Eat   4 y  
Brief note regarding a long list previously complied.
The title of this blog entry may seem like a no-brainer for some people and yet I know there are others who realize there are many reasons why people eat other than to nourish themselves. I once made a long list (some where around about fifty items) of some of the other reasons. Today I add ”to Warm Your Belly”[1] as one of these other reasons. *** Notes: [1]   visit the page

"Science" & Food   5 y  
Discovering "Steiner, Marx, and A New Paradigm"
October 26, 2019 ”... Sulfites are added to wine specifically to prevent the reactions that allow the formation of vinegar. They are easy to remove though. Stirring for about thirty minutes is the oldest way to help the sulfites escape as a gas. A quicker and safe way is to add a small amount of standard 3% hydrogen peroxide. For one 750mL bottle of wine, ½ teaspoon is enough. Add the hydrogen peroxide, stir for a few seconds and the sulfites are removed.”[3] - *** December 28, 2017 - A number of days ago I inquired with this library about the ”Science & Society Series on Food ...   read more

Immunity-Building Nutrition, Nutrition Therapy & Prevention!   5 y  
Key Nutrients - as the first step in anti-viral or bacterial medicine - to build the strength of the immune system, maximize the body's anti-oxidative capacity & its natural immunity to prevent/minimize symptoms when a virus initially attacks the human body.
January 11, 2021 - What To Do In The First Moments When One Feels A Cold, Flu, or COVID Coming On - By: Dr. Mark Sircus - ”My work to help people is to educate them to use ICU and emergency room natural medicines to make them stronger. It surprises people to discover that substances like magnesium, sodium bicarbonate, iodine, selenium, and even vitamin C and D, when used at high dosages, are employed by doctors to save peoples’ lives in critical medical emergencies. These same substances can also be used at high dosages every day to treat chronic diseases and even to head infections off ...   read more

Raw Eggs Help Before/After You Indulge In Holiday Treats[1]   5 y  
The use of food as preventive medicine.
Especially raw egg yolks![2] - *** November 15, 2018 - Health-Supporting ”Strategies” Before The Holidays - By: Dr. Carolyn Dean - ”... gathering together with family and coworkers during the holidays can cause stress. The arguments begin about where to gather for Thanksgiving and the battle lines are drawn; what family member is hosting the dinner; what gifts to give; who’s invited and who’s left out. Then, once you barely make it through that holiday, you’re into the Christmas (Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa) season and it starts all over again. You may find yourself in the co ...   read more

Re-Write Your 'Script of Life' With Dialogue & Contemplation   5 y  
The evolution of higher forms of communication into dialogues are made possible with an attentive and devoted listener.
February 11, 2021 - “ was the only book written by God’s own hand“ - In the Words of Saint Martin - Julian Johnson[17]* - *** February 5, 2021 - ”...he was the one that Einstein nominated as his ’spiritual successor’ and his Holiness the Dalai Lama called his ’Science Guru’.”[16] -- Comment: The producer of ”Infinite Potential” (mentioned below) shares an update regarding his new release on ”Dialogue”. This Blog-writer is so looking forward to that! - *** January 25, 2021 - A Living Being ... Contains Infinite Possibilities! - ”Everything exists within a si ...   read more

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