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Date:   11/24/2016 10:40:28 PM ( 8 y ago)
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Wow, TD355 - I wish I had read your reply sooner, sorry I have been away... so to speak lol.

Your ex sure sounds a lot like me, especially that anger. I worked so hard to learn how to keep my anger down, and I did it until I got involved with a woman again. I think we have some special problem with the women we go for... odd, yes, but humans are complex creatures!!

The frustration of living in a cookie-cutter society, but being not only different, but also lacking in some essential skills like memory, would drive anyone to rage once in awhile. Worse yet when we are told there is nothing wrong with us "except for a bad attitude" - arrrrrRRRRRRGGGGG!!! [Oops, my anger got out there - back in your cage you].

Again, sorry for taking so long, I hope to hear how he is doing, and you too.
You have some insights from an observer viewpoint, which is very valuable to us who only see it from the inside.



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