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feeling extremely ill   by jackierr   9y   View Entire Thread 12
Thank you Andreas for your consultation last week. I followed your advice and did a colonic prior to my liver flush and got out a huge stone. It was the most sucessful flush possible. I also modified my raw foods diet to include vegan sources of protein (legumes and lentils) in a soup form. Unfortunately, nothing relieved the huge amount of fog in my brain. Not even sleeping from 10-6, which made me even more tired. I feel like my body is starting to feel better, but my brain isnt working. Could this have somehting to do with heavy metal poisoning. I am trying very hard to be optimisti ...   965 hits
Forum: Ask Andreas

Re: What heals a leaky gut? I hear Aloe Vera?.........N/M...   by Boyz   11y
I thought if we have candida under control so the Leakygut automatically can heal by itself? About my query last time, richidoo. So we donít need taking any anti fungal to kill candida and parasite rite ... just watch our diet and cleanse the Liver/colon ... So Candida/parasite will go away? Does it mean we donít have to take any maintenance supplements? just do the cleanse twice a year? Iím suffering from Eczema that caused by Candida. LeakyGUt and Heavy Metal told by my naturopath. And i had Allergies.. I know i took antibiotic for at least 3 month for pimples . iím sure what c ...   1,585 hits
Forum: Ask Andreas

SCARY!!! I can't take it anymore.   by #17883   10y   View Entire Thread 5
Hi, I am new to this forum.Please help me . They have taken all my self esteem. Everyweek I see these black thick ingrown hair.I am 27 years female . Its embarassing. I had good skin before I turned 24. I have acne on my face legs,thighs. I have scars on my body(stomach,thighs,legs,butt,chest) and these ingrown hair.I have hair on my neck,chin,butt,stomach,breasts and fringes on cheeks close to ear. I feel very ugly , once known pretty in my teens.I have put on weight too now.My worst fear these days is growing acne on my face and the ingrown hair on my legs,stomach and chest.My pimples a ...   931 hits
Forum: Ask Andreas

Re: Skinanswer   by alikat   11y
About two years ago the third little red bump started to grow on my nose. I consider it somewhat predictable that I should get these, as I am fair and living in a sunny, hot climate. What I was not willing to do was get a third cut on my nose. The previous ones healed so perfectly that they can not be seen except with a magnifying glass, nevertheless I was unwilling to forgo the procedure once again. Enter SkinAnswer. I applied it for about two weeks and it formed an angry looking scab, but within a few days the whole thing fell off leaving absolutely no trace of scar nor the Ēpimple ...   665 hits
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Boils--Rash--Itch break out?   by moreless   8y   View Entire Thread 11
Hi Yaíll, Have you ever had a problem with breaking out with Boils or have a Rash or Itch or get Acne or Pimples etc? What do all of these have in common? Are they all on the outside of the skin area? So, if they are on the skin of the body where they give you the most problems, then are they in different places of the body? If they are in different places on the body, do you think it may have to do with different internal problems within the body, so as to be located in different places? Could this mean that depending on where they break out on your skin, that maybe this ...   2,129 hits
Forum: Ask Moreless: pH

Re: Alkaline and soft skin but lips still dry and peeling??   by joylovepeace   8y
thanks Lapis for the response, its a great reminder that I need to do more. I drink a lot of distilled water per day-I make it at home. I have BM 2-3 times per day. Iíve eaten a clean diet for the past two years, but never felt like I was making any progress until now, and wow so quickly too. I guess you could say Im doing a mini juice fast-eating only fruit here and there with the juices if I get really! hungry. Im starting weekly colonics next week. What do you recommend? I wanted to wait to liver flush until I built up some alkaline reserves, and also thicken up my dry peeling skin ...   2,360 hits
Forum: Ask Moreless: pH

Re: Day 8 of 30 - Great results so far!   by countrygirl_roni   11y
Thanks Ali! Youíve been so encouraging to me. I am so excited to be on this journey. Tonight I had tears in my eyes... people are starting to notice. Even with the new pimples on my face, they said I look better. I guess its that ĒglowĒ. This is also the first time my friends have commented on my weight loss! Itís so nice to have supportive people around; both in person and online! I also have a few waiting for some of my nice dresses, now that theyíre starting to fit like tents! Gotta go through that closet and get rid of them; then Iíll have a serious problem if I regain a l ...   975 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

Re: Baking soda/alkalinity question   by #17163   8y
the kelp, ok maybe you can help me out here with another health issue that I am going through, as I explain why I stopped taking the kelp My skin is scarring like crazy has been for a while, every single pimple and scratch leaves holes and dents in my skin. My skin is very fragile and thin. I have to sleep on my back to avoid blood blisters that might occur from rubbing the pillow-its that fragile. Been to all the doctors and all my blood work is NORMAL! So anyway I am left to figure this out along with all my other crazy health problems. On the few days that I added the kelp I noticed ...   4,473 hits
Forum: Ask Moreless: pH

Re: Checking In   by TreasureGift   8y
Yes, I am the person who had the ĒpimpleĒ like thing on my gums, it was on the bottom gum right below my middle teeth, it didnít hurt at all, this occured on my 4th day of oil pulling (once a day), I popped it with an Exacto knife blade and great gobs of pus came out, it was swollen and a bit sore for about 4 days. I quit pulling during that time. Now itís just fine, though if I push on that spot, a tiny bit of pus still comes out, there is still no pain of any sort. I have begun to OP again, now I am adding oil of oregano and tea tree oil. I have pretty good teeth, itís my gums that in ne ...   1,176 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: Universal Remedy   by #26194   8y
Yes I can confirm that it works. Iíve been practicing the therapy for more than a year now and lots of benefits! Here is a list of things I noticed: 1- Havnít been sleeping well for the past 14 years but I have been sleeping my full nights for at least 8 months now. Takes a little time for the therapy to kick in, but just the drops under the tongue helped me get back to sleep for the first months. 2- No more achings in the joints. Near fifty five years old now and was starting to have sore and stiff joints. Iím OK now. Also I could not sleep on my right side because of pain in the hip. T ...   4,007 hits
Forum: Urine Therapy Support

wow, just found this site   by #60732   8y   View Entire Thread 7
I am so pleased to have found this site, I have been reading Martha Christyís book for months and an other book also, and a few weeks ago started to use fresh morning urine on my elbows where I have had psoriasis for several years, within 6 days it was much much better, so after that I decided to put some drops under my tongue, I didnít tell anyone I was doing this, so am thrilled to have an ongoing forum to read and discuss whats going on. I also rub it on my hands and face and neck, and pimples on my cheeks cleared up! I have had other internal problems with my pancreas/digestion and am ...   1,262 hits
Forum: Urine Therapy Support

Day 2 of infinity   by jerksforthesedentary   8y   View Entire Thread 3
Not really infinity, but 120 days seems like forever. I know it sounds crazy, but my problem is that severe and life-destroying. So far no hunger and pretty good determination. Some sadness and lots of temptation and confusion yesterday. The skin outbreaks have gone away - all sores and pimples healed. I have a long way to go. I am so very ill indeed, look horrible and pale and unhealthy and sinfully ugly. Yesterday went okay, actually - read all day (only Maugham for the zillionth time, but some of the stories made me sad and even tearful, so that is good) and later strummed and after ...   907 hits
Forum: Urine Therapy Support

Re: Comments on Female Tincture?   by Frenchie   11y
Thanks so much for the replies. Coincidentally, I am very interested in naturopathic remedies. The frustration I have with drís (besides that some have little to no knowledge of this condition) is that they seem to only be able to treat my symptoms, and not treat the root of my hormonal and metabolic problems. Iíve thought for some time now that there is something deeper within my body that needs to be addressed aside from treating my symptoms. This change in thought is due to some acne Iíve had for several months now. My skin is pretty clear, then once a month I break out in seve ...   1,477 hits
Forum: PCOS

still constipated - what's wrong?!   by #28979   10y   View Entire Thread 5
I started to feel constantly nauseous 3 weeks ago, and I became more constipated around the same time. Then 2 weeks ago I had my first colonic hydrotherapy - it made me feel great! The second was 10 days later (3 days ago) and I was constipated the whole time, except one day when I had a massage, that seemed to help for some reason but the next day I was constipated again. I felt nauseous every morning instead of all day, and all I could eat in the morning was miso soup, or I would feel even sicker, hypersalivate, and get indigestion. Then Iíd be really hungry for lunch (bean burrito) but ...   4,625 hits
Forum: Enema/Colonics

Re: To Anita, a question...   by anita   11y
well I will answer what I know from my own use of garlic...No it did not burn my mouth at all I simply cut it up into small pill size pieces put it all in my mouth at once and swallowed with water...It never affected me at all as far as stomach or mouth or throat burn...But remember I was doing this while still husband would chew his up all three cloves...At first I would sweet a lot at night and smell strongly...but after a while people didnít notice it and believe me I would ask my friends as I do work in the public....Yes I am on the M.C. fast today is my 21 day..and I only ...   3,514 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

What is MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)?   by Uncas   9y
What is Staphylococcus aureus (staph)? Staphylococcus aureus, often referred to simply as Ēstaph,Ē are bacteria commonly carried on the skin or in the nose of healthy people. Approximately 25% to 30% of the population is colonized (when bacteria are present, but not causing an infection) in the nose with staph bacteria. Sometimes, staph can cause an infection. Staph bacteria are one of the most common causes of skin infections in the United States. Most of these skin infections are minor (such as pimples and boils) and can be treated without antibiotics (also known as antimicrobials or an ...   1,656 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: MRSA

Re: Mirena IUD side effects and law suit   by sachabarson   8y
Hi Kris I think that there is a hell of a lot of people that would love to take on this company, but without cold hard fact we will be walking into a already lost battle. Most women that come to this site donít have that much money. I have the mirena in and doing test with it in and then after. I am horrified with what I am reading. I am suffering from terrible mood swings, black outs, terrible temper and suicidal thoughts. I have 2 kids and I get so angry sometimes I am scared I do something to them. I am lucky I live in the same complex as my mom so she helps me with them. I have ...   19,317 hits
Forum: Mirena IUD

Re: Skin parasites?   by Pancho   8y
I suffer from a similar experience. I believe I was infected at a beach in Turkey near Cesme. They have jetty that goes out to an area that is like a hot springs, except it is out in the Mediterranean/Aegean. The floor is so hot that at times one has to remove his feet from the ocean floor for fear ones feet might burn. The water is heated quite comfortably and occasionally the cold sea will move some waves through and make the experience hot to lukewarm. As I was getting out of the water (and onto the jetty) I was splashed by a wave and hit the rocks with my chest and forearm. A few ...   1,533 hits
Forum: Ask George

Chlorella: Die-off or Allergy   by prettysoulful   9y   View Entire Thread 4
Hi, Iím new to this forum. I have never had amalgam fillings or any metal in my mouth, but having had vaccinations and having lived in the US all my life, Iím fairly confident that I have some mercury floating about. I have been trying to slowly eliminate mercury with Chlorella for the past couple of months. I figured that if I cleaned my colon up a bit, I could move up to cilantro, and clear out the hidden stuff. Unfortunately, when I take just 3g (3 divided doses per day) of it my face breaks out terribly. No other symptoms, just lots of painful pimples. Recently, I stopped taking it ...   3,360 hits
Forum: Chelation: Cutler

Re: --Infection Series--   R by Txedie   5y
My grandson had MRSA in the knee bursa.(diagnosed with culture) I had already started bagging the leg with ozone before DR. visit but my daughter is a RN so we must do medical things. Sent to ĒspecailistĒ after diagnosis who said to hospitalize with IV drugs. I was standing there praying it would not happen. She said no (answer to prayer) and away we went back home with more ozone, 3 times daily with ozonated oil applied after treatment. One week later I took him back to specailist for check up so he could go back to school. He was a very kind young doctor who pronounced grandson Ēwel ...   1,356 hits
Forum: Ask Moreless: pH

My experience   by moolykazoo   10y
Hi, yeah, second cleanse started today! First one was the first two weeks of February and was great. I didnít have any of the bad experiences that some have. On the 5th day of it I woke up and felt like I got hit by a truck, everything ached and did NOT want to get out of bed. I had to so I did and in a couple hours everything was normal. Weird experience. Other than that, my tounge turned white, I got pimples in weird places, just typical stuff according to the other contributorsí posts. My only regret was I wish I had gone for another week, I felt like I was just starting to get really ...   637 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

Re: Need some help, pretty please.   by Chinasky   5y
Hey, sorry about the diagnosis. For me, the side effects were pretty massive - my skin was very sensitive and it started to peel off, specially around the lips and nose. My lips became sore and painful if touched, that was pretty awful. But after a while ewerything pretty much normalised and the side effects werenít as bad as before. Even so Iíd take them over another folliculitis outbreak any day. And as for my small doasge accutane course, Iíve had a new folliculitis flare up last week, despite the daily intake of accutane. Fortunately it died down over a couple of days, so I hope thi ...   8,425 hits
Forum: Folliculitis

MH - please advise, PUSS is coming out of my son's belly ...   by #40679   9y   View Entire Thread 4
I have a 4.5 years old son. When he was born, his belly button was partially outtie. (it had couple small íouttiesí pertruding, they look independent, like two small berries inside of the button hole). Well, few days ago I noticed something white on the tip of the largest íoutieí. I didnít pay attention to it, thought it was just dirt or cotton ball. Today, he came up to me and said that something white and stinky coming out of his belly button. I pressed on the íouttieí and it squized out white puss (foul odor, white creamy substance). My son said it didnít hurt (he doesnít have a ...   4,553 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: Sasparilla Root   by #22194   9y
Hope Iím not breaking any copyright laws but below is what Dr. Christopher says about Sasparilla (Credits at end). Hope this helps. I will attempt to upload a pic of the plant in the gallery, weíll see if I succeed. :) Betty ******************************************************************** PARTS USED: Root THERAPEUTIC ACTION: Alterative, diuretic, tonic, stimulant, relaxant, demulcent, diaphoretic, cathartic, anti-arthritic, anti-syphilitic, depurant, deobstruent, anti-scorbutic, carminative. Sarsaparilla is a wonderful tonic blood-purifier. It contains organic sulphu ...   1,266 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Demodex Mite/Acne/Rosacea   by anja   9y
So I just started another round of De-Wormer last night. I know I should fast, but Iím just not ready. My diet is pretty clean, mostly raw, though not perfect, and Iíll confess to being under more stress than usual lateley. I developed an itchy, red rash with bumps around my nose about a month ago that isnít getting better. I know my immune system is compromised right now because Iím developing seasonal allergies for the first time ever, also a plantarís wart, and yeast flared up. Also more pimples. I read that Demodex mite is implicated in adult acne and rosacea, and I suspected ...   725 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

My Cure For Acne   by Demen   5y
Hey guys/gals, Just wanted to say hello and give you my solution that cleared up my acne! I hope it will help others out or give them something to try if they havenít already! In my teens I suffered from acne for years. It was so humiliating and really crippled my self-esteem. I was sick at one point and started taking Amoxicillin. What is funny is that I noticed it would clear up my face every time I was on it. Long story short, I was on Amoxicillin for 2 years before I decided to stop taking it and see how my face would react. I was amazed! I no longer had any acne and have ...   333 hits
Forum: Market Place

Re: Candida-Hair Loss Connection--Please offer your exper...   by tuscansun   5y
I too am convinced my hair loss is from candida, in fact I am blaming a lot of other issues Iíve had recently directly related to candida. I have been researching this same subject and this is how I found this post, in a google search. Not only did I experience hair loss but my scalp itched intensely in only one spot and upon inspection there was never anything there. I also had a very strong thick-like ĒgreasyĒ smell that often came from the back of my head. In the summer I would sweat and it smelled really bad. I could smell it when I dried my hair with a hair dryer. I also a ...   50,909 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Re: hair loss and scalp itching   by godmadeusperfect   5y
Sounds to me like demodex mites. Some people on the demodex forum report hair loss. So anyway, they are microscopic/invisible, can cause pustules/pimples, and itching particularly in the dark like at bedtime. So anyway, I have had success with a melaleuca conditioner I leave on for 15 minutes in the shower, add more melaleuca in the form of extract if you want, also maybe a vineger rinse at the end that you leave on a few minutes. But the key is hit the scalp with a hairdryer on high heat for at least 5 minutes everyday. Then of course wash linens towel clothes etc and/or dry them in ...   4,891 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

itchy skin   by bemmer   7y   View Entire Thread 2
hi at the moment i am noticing itchy kind of bitey skin sensations around my body, also getting few pimples around my body on back and inner thigh. also having sore muscles along with other stuff.....i never no wether my body is expereincing die-off, or is it establishing candida again......arghhh i hate this.....i dont think im over doing it as i am still eating things like millet cereal (cooked) etc which are prob to high in protein? i want to start eating some friut as just eating vegetable is quite hard to alkalise.....anyway itchy skin etc acids released? hoping not candida will ...   1,235 hits
Forum: Ask Moreless: pH

Re: Trap Remember how your daughter's tatoo reacted to Lu...   RR by snakeater   7y
Well when I receieved my Iodoral and popped the first 75 100 mgs my tats on my arms broke out in the same bumps you reported that you daughter experienced. They itched like crazy for a few days. I forgot to report that when it happen. I know it was heavy metals from the ink. The itching and bumps lasted a few days. A month or more later my arms broke out in itchy bumps an pimples .Iíve had vaccines in both arms, once similtaniously. I felt like a shiek-a-bob when that happened. If I could have lifted my arms I would have grabbed the corpmen by his scrawny neck. I digress. I put some detox ...   9,462 hits
Forum: Iodine Supplementation

Help   by soybean311   10y
Alright. Letís get the basics out of the way. I am a 21 year old virgin. Thatís right, no sex, nothing sexual, in fact, never even had a relationship that lasted. This is my problem. I have been having these little red bumps form on my penis head and sometimes on my foreskin area. It has been this way for a good three years. Itís on and off. No burning, no irritation, nothing that would make me think itís herpes. I am swaying more to genital warts but they donít seem like warts... Itís hard to describe. They are really small, sometimes there are a cluster of about 4 of them in the same ...   622 hits
Forum: STD

Re: Penis Problems   by #38039   9y
Hi, 9Feb05 I just read your post about small, pimple-like bumps on your scrotum and penis. Let me give you some life experiences from a 40something year old and what Iíve seen for myself and friends. When I was a young and naive 22 yr old, I thought I had picked up an STD from a prostitute who worked in Reno at the Mustang Ranch. About 1-2 wks after that sexual encounter, I developed a small to medium sized hard, red bump at the base of my penis where it meets the body (top side of penis.) I made an appt and went to a urologist. I was very embarassed to admit tha ...   2,871 hits
Forum: STD   Peyronies Disease   Mens Health

Re: First flush.. Broad question   by vidalia   10y
well- i have done a parasite cleanse- i started it- got tot he half way point and took a 10 day break whiv\ch is too long i know. but- i am back on it for 4 days and doing another flush tonight. i think in the last flush i got some out b/c there were these jelly like things that came out and tons of white strings- i was told this was candida. anyway- i may do another parasite cleanse again- and do it right. you know though- all this started a long time ago when i was 12 and had hashimotoís (hypothyroid)- little did i know how serious that was. so- i canít believe all this (health probs)was ...   838 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

Day 8   by reallyblessed   5y   View Entire Thread 5
Well, this is definitely a different sort of cleanse this time. I still have not gotten any butt pee! Nothing but gunk and gas, mostly gunk, and now itís a bit stopped up. I just drank some senna tea, and Iíll drink some more before I go to bed. My head hurts a little, but not real bad. The tea isnít working as aggressively as it used to; in the past I could drink some before I went to sleep, and Iíd either wake up in the middle of the night with cramps and have to go, or Iíd wake up first thing in the a.m. and have to go. Now itís just not as violent; I just go a few times in the a.m ...   624 hits
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OMG, Mites In Ears! Help!   by godmadeusperfect   5y   View Entire Thread 9
OK, so I think I have Demodex mites in my ears, any suggestions? I am the picture of perfect health from the outside and if those around me knew I had these problems they would be shocked! I have perfect hygeine, why me, I tell ya! What can I do about mites in the ears? The left ear has a biting and crawling sensation and I need to nip it in the bud & quick! I donít want them to reproduce!Any help would be much appreciated. I have been having scalp pimples, stinging/itching, and these critters are invisible, no lice, no eggs, no nothing, just invisible biting all over my body and ...   8,197 hits
Forum: Demodex Mites   Parasites: Skin

Kidney Cleanse done. What is main ingredient?   by sunshine p   5y   View Entire Thread 10
Just done the Humaworm Kidney cleanse and very impressive it was too. I have done the Andreas Moritz Kidney 30 day herbal tea cleanse 4 times in the last 16 months. First time with AMK herbs was very eventful with lots of side effects, ditto second round. 3rd and 4th round had much less reactions/side effects but still was obviously doing its job of detoxing me, which is why I repeated them. So I was expecting HW kidney cleanse to be relatively calm and uneventful, but I was wrong.ÖÖit was fairly eventful. Had (mostly minor) heartburn for most of the two weeks, a few pimples, rashes, ...   3,495 hits
Forum: Ask Humaworm

I'm all fine and healthy for 2+years   by michellekansas   5y
Just a few rashes in spring . Lots of people have scabies, and theyíll not even notice, just some pimples maybe, or lost hair, and I donít know why when I go to other places, Iím worry free, no rashes what ever I do. Thatís why I did not go to doctors in China, because I was all clean, nothing to look at. I hope ACV , or contact lens solution will help you. Modern medicine needs to refine, to find out how better to fight skin disease. I think Iím the kind of peason that lack of VB, because I can not digest well often, and this is the main reason of axzem and rashes in children. Many ch ...   7,440 hits
Forum: Scabies

My friend has a lethal staff infection after doing Master...   by Miss Scarletwhiskers   5y   View Entire Thread 3
My friend just did the master cleanse for 10 days. On the tenth day, she had an open wound on her face from an electrolysis session. She went into Sephora and put on some cover-up makeup to hide the red pimple-like thing on her face. It became infected and she had to go to the ER. The doctors told her she has the WORST form of staff infection possible. Supposedly it is lethal to some people. Iím hoping and praying she will beat it, but the doctors say that if she is resistant to the meds, there is nothing more they can do for her! They also told her that the people who are susce ...   2,859 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

WARTS ARE NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL!   by healthfreak   11y
Iíve done a LOT of reading about the HPV virus since I had discovered that I had a few warts. Warts are mainly an asthetic problem. They look ugly just like moles and pimples do. They generally donít cause any physical pain. The type of HPV virus that is linked to cervical cancer in Women is NOT the same one that causes visible warts. It is thought to be a different strain of the virus. So if you have warts this is the benign strain of HPV NOT the cancer causing one! In general I have discovered that there is still a lot of UNKNOWN knowledge about warts and HPV. Some people never pass wart ...   22,829 hits
Forum: STD

Re: nascent iodine   by trapper/kcmo   7y
i figured you would snap. i got a sample from john. i am taking it. i like it. i always did think lugols was a little rough. that is why i put magnets on the dropper bottle. after that i could take more of it. i am seeing two different lines of treatment. i still havent got them completely delineated yet and defined, but they are emerging through my experience. HoW was right. there is a huge difference in how effective the two iodines are. i feel much more iodinated than i did taking 400mg of lugols(even with iodoral) and i am only taking 100, give or take. it is an int ...   4,690 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Iodine Supplementation

Last week & help with Candida   by bkrisp   7y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi Humaworm, My boyfriend and I have been doing your parasite cleanse for the past 3 weeks -the pup finished his 2 weeks ago :O) , and so far everything has been going smooth. This is my second parasite cleanse so I havenít had too many symptoms, but my bf is started to have some cleansing reactions (swollen earlobe, hard pimples on back and leg). Also, to my disappointment, his candida condition seems to be getting worse (Darn Canadians! - J/K). I keep telling him it has to get worse to get better, but Iím not sure anymore seeing that it has went from a few spots on his chest and st ...   1,120 hits
Forum: Ask Humaworm

Re: Rosacea   by shekhar   11y
Rosacea and Acne are called in Ayurveda - Yuvana Pitika. They are caused generally imbalance of Pitta and Kapha doshas. They may appear anywhere in the body, specially on the face and back of the trunk. The shapes, color, size, texture is varies according to dosha imbalance - Generally they are very oily, red rash on nose, cheecks, chin, tend to have sensitive and burning, excessive oilyness on T-zone, some times broken capillaries, large pores, may have large pimples, tend to have deep scars. The following foods, life style aggravate - over consumtion of sweets, oily, deep fried, fa ...   3,049 hits
Forum: Ayurveda

Tapeworm   by Gehna   11y
I was told I had a tapeworm in my small intestine. It is about 2mm-5mm. I was supposed to use the parasite drugs but the MD would not give them to me as he did not believe in the method I had done to find it. I had a computer method of testing done. A conputer scan called BODY 2010. I then had several parasite herbals tested and the only one that tested well was RASCAL. ODD! cause this is the only specific one for tapeworms. I started to do it, and wow! I was so ill, but then better. I got pimples all over, but got better. I felt so much peace in the mind it was unreal. Tapewor ...   1,144 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: tales from the edge: through rain, sleet, and snow. NOT!   by Ohfor07   7y
So, your father is from Bud Schuster country. There is a particular little community over there that is becoming quite the hot-button school/bussing story. Especially in America, regression and decay are something to behold. Maybe other people would take drastic measures - like moving. To me, avoidance does not address the main problem but only contributes to it. Besides, the educational value helps balance out the incongruity of the situation. The bonus is, these little situations, festering pimples that they are, provide real-life confirmations that the theory people are constantly pr ...   683 hits
Forum: Conspiracy Debate

Re: Question about liver damage associated with liver cle...   by shelleycat   10y
Thatís a very complicated issue, because altho a liver flush can stress the kidneys if an enema or colonic is not done immediately afterwards, it is more stressful to the kidneys to have elevated cholesterol and all the problems of a congested liver, over time. When the liver is stressed so that there are a lot of lipoproteins (fat/protein combos) in the bloodstream, these will eventually damage the kidneys the same way a pimple will enlarge a pore. That Ēenlarged poreĒ in the kidneyís filtration system then allows protein (albumin) to escape into urine. The best indicator of the ...   2,781 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support   Pregnancy/Birth   Gallbladder Remedies   Preeclampsia, Toxemia

Re: The dexterity is returning to my gnarled and arthriti...   by Shmolina   7y
Iíve only been at this maybe a week and a half, but am already seeing some results. I pull for 20 minutes every morning with cold pressed coconut oil and 3 or 4 drops of oregano oil. Iíve had mild KP for as long as I can remember. I never paid much attention to it, and the periods when Iíve done dry skin brushing it cleared up pretty well, but Ihavenít skin brushed lately, and so have had the mild KP on the backs of my arms and outer thighs. Anywho, bumps are decreasing, so thatís very nice. Iím absolutely phobic about dentists and doctors and such, and havenít been to the dentist ...   52,529 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: cyst developed   by asheraash   7y
I am so sorry you are experiencing this! My first thought/reaction to what you were thinking about doing is please, please donít do this! You will naturally think - and feel - that if only you could pierce this cyst - with a needle or blade - you would magically hit the core...and it would ooze out like you imagine a pimple would. What instead you would end up with - is not only a cyste you have not been able to open - but then a cut on top of it that would bleed, cause more pain and run a major risk of infection due to itís proximity to your nose and mouth. If there is no head - then ...   894 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

Doctor Says Its Eczima, Not EC   by aa45   3y   View Entire Thread 7
First time seeing this family doctor. I dont know if he was high or just having fun on this particular day. I went to get a urine and blood test to see if I had any nutritional deficiencies that would cause this EC. I told him about my lips and he instantly said Ēits eczima. There is no cure, especially not in California (since its dry)Ē He said I had rashes on my face and body, caused by my dry skin and that it was affecting my lips too. And he seemed so sure about it, pointing to the number of patients hes seen with similar lip conditions. In reality theyre just pimples from ...   1,080 hits
Forum: Peeling Lips

Re: Nutrition   by maskedhombre   3y
I agree with you about a well balanced diet. Anyway, something is definitely wrong with me. I have GI issues (IBS and so on) for 3 years now, + rosacea, fatigue, dizzyness, itching, ... when I eat carbs, I get very unpleasant troubles. For example, 3 day ago I tried to eat yams. Two hours later, my righ side of the belly (ascending colon) was burning like hell, producing weird sounds, gases, and I had massive flushes in the face, a bright red swollen nose, and the next day itching pimples on my face. I happen everytime I eat carbs, happend with oat bran, but disappeard after some w ...   1,771 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

metronidazole, antifungal, antibiotics together , you buy...   by michellekansas   31mo
any antibiotics that kill penicillium serious is ok. This first generation mold is too much now in the world that it cause s many problems! ask doctor about things that kill penicillium. for alternative cure, I suggest epsom salt 30%,or higher if your skin can bear, up to 50%. or zinc sulfate, you can buy the ones they use on lawn care, just put them in water and cook them, then youíre fine to use them. I recomend 0.1%, too strong is not good, damage the skin too much that you can not recover. use coconut oil to cover it during the day to help with the itch. for pimples, and ...   3,762 hits
Forum: Scabies

Image Embedded Strange rash below earlobe. Could this be Shingles?   by Rick67   31mo   View Entire Thread 4
James, Can you please take a look at this picture (I took it about 2:00 a.m. today)? The middle of last week I felt a couple tiny bumps under my left earlobe. I think I may have scraped it thinking it was a pimple. The next day I had a little bit of swelling and the area turned red. I also noticed that directly below this rash about an inch (and a little to the left) it felt like I had a swollen lymph node just below my jaw line. It was a little sore. So I started putting 100% Tea Tree Oil on it. That appeared to make it scab up. I think itís been four or five days and Iíve cont ...   5,115 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Lichen Planus Cure   by travel20000   3y
I was diagnosed with lichen Planus in january this year and i had it really bad in my mouth and couple of pimple like marks on my stomach for 6months. I had been under a lot of stress and i think that was the reason for it. tried everything, contacted these guys and they send me a herbal medicine which i have been taking for the past 4 months. My linchen planus is clearing up and very happy, i also have to mention i went for a 5 weeks vacation while i was taking this medicine therefore it couldíve been the medicine plus relaxing and not stressing and being happy which cured my linchen p ...   1,755 hits
Forum: Lichen Planus

Re: The importance of not combining herbs, supplements, d...   by steps   3y
You will be fine...if a baby can take it then 2-3 caps seem fine for an adult. You will know after 2 days or so it seems. Yes, many tried this and that and finaly the quassia worked for me and one more 500mg of vermox finally killed the pins and many happy Then the flukes almost totally gone with meds and myrrh. okay so If I had known I had pork tapes..the damage they can do to the eyes etc. I would have targeted them first heavily so...who knows with a hyper-infestation, co-infection what really would have changed that I am presently taking DE..I have le ...   1,000 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Found something that works fast and very cheap!   by slinkystu   3y   View Entire Thread 3
I have found something to use on my seb derm that is amazingly effective! I am in the UK and it is called TCP antiseptic liquid. Do not know if you have this in the USA?? Anyway,it can be used to treat pimples and spots amongst lots of other things so i thought i would give it a try.I used a cotton pad and dabbed my entire face,neck and ears with the undiluted solution and let it sit for 5 mins and rinsed off with water. It smells v ...   2,254 hits
Forum: Seborrheic Dermatitis

Re: Receding Gum Line - what to do?   by Shen   3y
Thanks, sounds like a lot :-) I read how gargling/swishing with a few drops of iodine in water helped someone who was about to have his second gum surgery, battling serious inflammation. I tried it a couple of weeks ago for a sore throat, and felt the result within hours. It makes sense to me now, thinking back when I was a child my mother used to give me Irish Moss tea to drink for sore throat when nothing else would help. It must be the worst tasting tea on the planet, but it did its job. Today, I woke up with a pimple at my jaw and a sore spot in my mouth, cold and flu symptoms al ...   31,542 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling   Dental Health   Colloidal Silver   Dr. Schulze   Iodine Support   Healing Crisis

Black spot on gum inside very back upper tooth   by Grace2Marayger   3y   View Entire Thread 3
Dentist was looking at a cracked crown on my very back left upper tooth and also discovered a small black spot a tiny bit swollen and round in shape on the inside gum of my very back upper right tooth. He called it a pimple and said we would watch it. When I called them back later I asked what would cause that and she said he said it could have been bumped. I am trying to sort out options I have for repairing the crown but I am more concerned about this black spot possibly being cancer. Any ideas from anyone who might know what it could be. I know it was not there in July when I had my t ...   3,365 hits
Forum: Dental Support   Cancer Support

Absessed tooth where root canal failing -please rush HELP   by Grace2Marayger   3y   View Entire Thread 9
I have a cracked crown upper left very back upper tooth #15 it was very painful when I was packing food in it when I ate so I went to my íconventionalí dentist. When I went in to have it looked at we also discovered a black spot on my gum under # 2 (very back upper right) - He called it a pimple and wanted to keep a watch on it. He gave me choices on materials to redo the crown on # 15 and I went to a íbiological holisticí dentist to get some ideas on the materials and he also viewed the black spot and said that it is an abscessed tooth and that it needs either a re-do on the root can ...   6,844 hits
Forum: Root Canals   Dental Health   Dental Support   Dr. Schulze

Heavy metal cleanse with breast implants   by #144589   3y   View Entire Thread 2
I have started a heavy metal cleanse. I am doing the klinghardt method. I use mostly chorella cilantro and garlic. I occasionally take some red clay baths. I have silicone breast implants and I was wondering if the cleanse I am doing could harm or rupture the implants. I know it was probably foolish of me to get them but they are in there now and I donít want to have surgery again right now. My symptoms started 2 years ago way before the implants I have only had them for 7 months. I am trying to get better. I have had recurrent yeast infections , brain fog, fatigue, feeling overwhelmed ...   1,311 hits
Forum: Chelation: Cutler   Ask CureZone   Chelation Support   Cleansing   Cosmetic Surgery   Womenís Forum

Re: is this morgellons   by #143085   3y
Well I had a yellow ball looking pimple and I popped it remained intact and healed.I see the same bump but smaller on face and I saw one on my upper arm. The bumps are small and red and raised slightly. Btw, I rubbed tea tree oil soap on face and a rash formed on my cheeks is that a sign that something could be there. The little pieces of crust Iím getting from skin is not really round...itís whitish yellow and very small. Most bumps are on upper arm...they are healing but I donít know what caused them and there was two on chest area. I so sometimes see white sparkly fiber on back ...   5,327 hits
Forum: Morgellons   Parasites: Skin   Parasites: Protozoa   Anxiety   Christian Healing   Eyes Problems

Re: baking soda and coconut oil advice (will post results)   by coolvibe100   3y
Glad i can be of help cdermatitis. I find that applying the coconut oil after my shower at night is enough i donít need to put any on in the morning, all i do is just give my face a little splash and thats it. i found that useing normal virgin coconut oil mad my skin break out in little red pimples on my nose and it left mu skin looking blotchy but the cocozone is much better. i never break out with it. what i like about it is it has a much ligther consistency and goes on the skin more smoothly, it also smells a lot stronger than normal coconut oil, more theraputic. One of the r ...   23,348 hits
Forum: Seborrheic Dermatitis

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